Mike’s NFL Power Rankings Week 6

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October 14, 2016 by Ell and Mike Sports

Mike’s NFL Power Rankings Week 6


1. Vikings (5-0)

Sam Bradford has the Viking rollings to a 5-0 start, the Vikings defense is playing as well as any defense in the NFL.

2. Patriots (4-1)

With Brady back in the fold the Patriots look like the Patriots of old, can any team stop them?

3. Packers (3-1)

With the league leading rushing defense the Packers look great even though their offense is still working out the kinks.

4. Falcons (4-1)

The Falcons offense is really good and gave the defending champs a lot of trouble least week, Matt Ryan has to be the MVP right now.

5. Broncos (4-1)

The Broncos had some trouble last week with the Falcons but still have one of the league’s best defenses.

6. Steelers (4-1)

As long as the Steelers’ defense can stay somewhat formidable, this offense will carry the team a long way this season.

7. Seahawks (3-1)

This week the Seahawks’ league leading defense will face off against the number one offense in the NFL, the Falcons.



8. Cowboys (4-1)

Dak Prescott looks as good as any rookie, but will he be able to stand toe to toe with Aaron Rodgers?

9. Eagles (3-1)

All eyes are on Carson Wentz, but the Eagles have one of the league’s best defenses based on yards.

10. Raiders (4-1)

The Raiders are young but talented, but must improve on the defensive side of the ball.

11. Chiefs (2-2)

There are grumblings that Jamaal Charles may be ready for more carries, his explosiveness would be extremely welcomed.

12. Bills (3-2)

Shady McCoy continues to juke past defenders, Tyrod Taylor is a savvy quarterback who knows how to keep the chains moving.

13. Redskins (3-2)

If the Redskins can produce the defensive performance they had last week, every week, this could be a scary team.

14. Rams (3-2)

The Rams have to find a way to get Gurley going like he was his rookie year. Find more ways to incorporate him into the offense.

15. Texans (3-2)

Brock Osweiler, just find Deandre Hopkins after you hike the football!



16. Ravens (3-2)

No Marc Trestman should equal a more balanced and vertical offense, but we shall see.

17. Cardinals (2-3)

David Johnson stuffed the stat sheet last week, and this week their former Heisman trophy winner returns (Carson Palmer).

18. Bengals (2-3)

The vaunted Bengals defense from a year ago must’ve taken a vacation last week, they better wake up for Tom Brady.

19. Giants (2-3)

Tough to win at Lambeau, Odell Beckham will have a breakout game this week against the Baltimore Ravens.

20. Buccaneers (2-3)

Big win at Carolina, but the Bucs have to get their offense back on track; maybe Doug Martin returns after their bye week.

21. Lions (2-3)

Marvin Jones leads the league in receiving yards, how many of you guys knew that?

22. Saints (1-4)

Drew Brees is well, Drew Brees, unless the defense comes around the Saints will spend another postseason at home.

23. Colts (2-3)

Andrew Luck has one of the worst offensive lines in football, the defense is littered with injuries, and they look to Luck to be the savior once again.



24. Jets (1-4)

Inconsistent play at QB by Fitzpatrick has the Jets in a hole, maybe the answer is running the ball more.

25. Jaguars (1-3)

So much talent on offense but the defense is young and still learning.

26 Titans (2-3)

Demarco Murray is playing as well as any running back and the Titans defense is very good.

27. Panthers (1-4)

The defending NFC champs reside near the bottom of the rankings, with Cam returning from a concussion.

28.  Chargers (1-4)

Philip Rivers is great, but he doesn’t play defense.

29.  Bears (1-4)

The Bears used to be known for defense and now they are trying to find one.

30. Dolphins (1-4)

The Dolphins continue to look like the Browns of the South.

31. 49ers (1-4)

Maybe Kaepernick can bring back some of that magic from a few years ago; anything has to be better than Blaine Gabbert.

32. Browns (0-5)

Tom Brady comes off his couch and throws 400 yards and 3 TDs on the Browns defense; yep same old Browns.

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