Ell’s Top 10 NBA Draft Prospects 2016

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June 23, 2016 by Ell and Mike Sports

Ell’s Top 10 NBA Prospects


  1. PF Ben Simmons, LSU 6’10, 240lbs

Simmons is the consensus #1 pick in what seems to be a weak draft, but some believe that he has LeBron potential. Simmons is a skilled passer and more of a point-forward than true power forward. Simmons has good size, rebounding, and a plethora of moves, but he needs to continue to polish his shooting and defense; as well as, controlling his temper, although the LSU system didn’t allow his skills to fully shine.

  1. SF Brandon Ingram, Duke 6’9, 195lbs

Ingram is a skilled scorer with consistent 3 ball range using his length to get to the basket or shoot over a defender. Ingram is an improving passer and rebounder really taking his game to a new level as the season progressed. His length draws comparisons to Kevin Durant, but he needs to get bigger and continue to get better on the defensive end; he will have no problems putting the ball in the rim.

  1. SF/SG Jaylen Brown, Cal 6’7, 225lbs

Brown is a tough player who has no problems using his size to drive through the lane and get to the free throw line. Brown is a solid two way player using his athleticism to make plays on both ends of the court. He is an improving rebounder and passer, but needs to limit his turnovers and continue to work on his jumper, but his mid–range game has potential.


  1. PG Kris Dunn, Providence 6’4, 220lbs

Dunn was considered a mid-lottery pick last season, if he decided to enter early, but used another year to continue to improve his stock. Dunn is a PG with good size and a solid overall game showing good leadership on a good Providence squad. Dunn has no problem getting to the basket and free throw line and brings the same intensity on defense; however his injury history worries most teams. Dunn needs to continue to work on his 3-pt consistency and jumper, while limiting his turnovers.

  1. PF Marquese Chriss, Washington 6’9, 225lbs

Chriss is a very athletic big man who is rising up boards with his good length and ability to contribute on both ends. He is a perfect fit as a stretch PF, which most teams are trying to acquire, as he has a nice mid-range jump shot with range out to the 3pt line. Chriss has good ball handling skills which allows him to create space and score inside. On the defensive end, he has good recovery and help block skills using his length to snatch the ball or pin it to the glass. However, he needs to get bigger and improve his on ball defense, but the potential is there.

  1. SG/PG Jamal Murray, Kentucky 6’5, 201lbs

Murray is an athletic guard with solid ball handling skills and the ability to create his own shot or work off the ball. Murray has a soft touch around the rim and range out to the 3pt line. He is an improving rebounder and passer, but he needs to improve his consistency, lower his turnovers, and continue to improve on the defensive end; however, Murray should be a solid scorer and eventual starter as a SG.

  1. SG Buddy Hield, Oklahoma 6’4, 214lbs

A lot of fans fell in love with Hield after a strong showing in the March Madness tournament. Hield is a solid scorer who showed great improvement on his ability to shoot 3’s and creating his own shot. Hield is a solid rebounder and improved ball handler, but needs to cut down on his turnovers and improve his decision making. On the defensive end, he can rack up steals, but he needs to show more of a commitment to that side of the ball and continue to get bigger.


  1. PF Dragan Bender, Croatia 7’1, 225lbs

Bender has been crowned the next international star following Porzingis’ solid rookie season with the Knicks. Bender is a lanky player with good rebounding skills and athleticism which he uses to make plays on both ends of the court. Bender is a solid dunker with a soft shooting touch with range out the 3-pt line which he has really improved, making him a fit to be stretch PF. However, he needs to get stronger and work on his overall defense, but he is young and athletic enough to make an impact.

  1. C Jakob Poeltl, Utah 7’0, 247lbs           

Poeltl is a solid scoring big man who knows how to get open in the low post and finish around the basket. He using his length and athleticism to grab rebounds at a high volume and block shots on the other end. However, he needs to continue to get bigger and polish his defense to become a true rim protector, but the potential is there.

  1. PF/C Domantas Sabonis Gonzaga 6’11, 240lbs

Sabonis is a physical big man who plays with good energy allowing him to score and rebound at a high volume. He has a nice scoring touch and can knock down the occasional three. He can get to the free throw line at a high rate and has improved in all categories. However, he needs to continue to improve on the defensive end and continue to polish his offensive game.

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