Ell’s NFL Draft Grades 4

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May 14, 2016 by Ell and Mike Sports

Ell’s NFL Draft Grades 4


Broncos: B+

The Broncos traded up in the 1st round to get their QB in Paxton Lynch a raw, but talented prospect who fits Kubiak’s offense. Gotsis is another versatile defender who can help replace DE/DT Malik Jackson. Simmons and Parks will replace the depth loss at safety. Booker is a complete back who will compete for the #2 role and a share of carries. McGovern will most likely fit in as the RG on a rebuilt O-line. Janovich and Dixon will compete for a spot on special teams, Janovich likely to make the team.

In the 1st round, the Broncos select QB Paxton Lynch, out of Memphis, a huge QB at 6’7 244lbs with no collegiate experience in a pro-style offense after playing in a spread offense, but he has a strong arm, good athleticism, and the skills to fit Kubiak’s roll out/run based offense. Lynch will not be rushed into a starter role and will be given time to learn the position, but compete for the job. In the 2nd round, Broncos select DT Adam Gotsis, out of Georgia Tech, a smart, strong D-lineman who proved that he can hold his own inside, despite being undersized; he is a solid run stopper, who can cause problems inside. Gotsis is a bit raw, but can start off in the rotation until he is ready for a starting role; he must prove he can stay healthy after a knee injury. In the 3rd round, Broncos select FS Justin Simmons, out of Boston College, a DB with good size and experience playing both FS and CB. Simmons is a sure tackler who can cover WR’s and TE’s, but he is not very fast and needs to work on his deep coverage, but he has starter potential. In the 4th round, Broncos select RB Devontae Booker, out of Utah, a back with good size and a power one-cut style with the ability to catch out of the backfield, but he must prove he can stay healthy; he is a steal as he was expected to go in the 2nd round. In the 5th round, the Broncos pick OG/OT Connor McGovern, out of Missouri, a workout warrior who has broken weight room records and plays with good strength and run blocking ability, however he needs some work on his technique; McGovern should be a day 1 starter at RG or RT. In the 6th round, Broncos pick FB Andy Janovich, out of Nebraska, and S Will Parks, out of Arizona. Janovich is a former high school wrestler, RB, and LB, who was moved to FB where he is a solid blocker with the ability to carry the football, but he hasn’t had much experience catching the ball out of the backfield; he is also a Special Teams contributor. Parks is a smart DB with good instincts, experience in man and zone coverage, and a solid tackler, but he isn’t that fast and needs to polish his game; he will provide depth, as he get better. In the 7th round, Broncos select P Riley Dixon, out of Syracuse, a consistent, big punter with good hang time on his punts; he will compete for a job.

vernon hargreaves 

Buccaneers: B+

Hargreaves should fit in immediately as a nickel CB challenging for a starting job, while Ryan Smith provides depth at the position. Spence could be a much needed pass rusher along with Bond. Aguayo should be very reliable. Benenoch is a swing player who should provide depth on the O-line. Vitale should find his way on the field.

In the 1st round, the Bucs need a good job of trading down and still getting their guy in CB Vernon Hargreaves III, out of Florida. Hargreaves is considered the best cover CB in the draft, outside of Ramsey, with real shut down potential, however he needs to continue to get stronger and play more physical against the run; he could learn a lot from veteran CB Brent Grimes. In the 2nd round, the Bucs may have gotten a steal in DE Noah Spence, out of Eastern Kentucky, considered a top 5 talent with comparisons to SB MVP Von Miller, but he must prove that his off the field problems are behind him; the Bucs have been looking for a pass rusher for years and may have found one. K Roberto Aguayo, out of Florida State, one of the highest rated /picked kickers in a long time is a three time All-American with good accuracy and good power, he has experience with kickoffs, but may not be asked to do it in the league. In the 4th round, Bucs select CB Ryan Smith, out of North Carolina Central, a smaller built playmaking CB who is a willing tackler, he needs to polish his skills, but he could be a potential nickel CB. In the 5th round, the Bucs select T Caleb Benenoch, out of UCLA, a lineman with good size and technique with experience at RT and Guard, who may fit better as a guard, but he needs to get stronger and may start off providing depth at both positions. In the 6th round, Bucs select OLB Devante Bond, out of Oklahoma, and FB Dan Vitale, out of Northwestern. Bond is an undersized LB with raw pass rushing skills and decent coverage ability, but he not very fast and needs to get stronger; he may start off on special teams and provide depth. Vitale is an undersized FB with good strength, solid catching ability and playmaking skills, but he must improve his blocking and make an impression on special teams.


Redskins: B

Doctson should find his way on the field early making someone expendable; my guess would be WR Pierre Garcon. Cravens and Fuller add some much need playmaking ability to the secondary which has also added CB Josh Norman; both players will get chances to shine. Ioannidis gives them a possible replacement NT for Knighton. Sudfeld is a project with tools; he will have time to develop. Daniels and Marshall will have to earn their spots, but they play positions in need of depth.

In the 1st round, Redskins make the surprise selection of WR Josh Doctson, out of TCU, a big WR who had risen up many draft boards with good speed, route running, and catching ability; he is a solid #2 WR in the league who has the skills to eventually be a #1 WR. In the 2nd round, S/OLB Su’a Cravens, out of USC, has football bloodlines and he is a tough player who fits perfectly in an OLB/S role with college experience as a hybrid; whether he fits in at SS or OLB, Cravens is a playmaker with the ability to cause turnovers. In the 3rd round, Redskins pick CB Kendall Fuller, out of VT, another player with football bloodlines who has late 1st round talent, but he is coming off a knee injury. Fuller is a smaller CB and needs to put on some weight, but he fits perfectly as a 3rd CB with his cover and playmaking skills. In the 5th round, DT Matthew Ioannidis, out of Temple, is a strong player with the ability to play inside and outside (DE); he should be a solid addition against the run. In the 6th round, QB Nate Sudfeld, out of Indiana, is a huge QB who proved he can pick teams apart from the pocket, but he must work on his awareness and delivery to help his consistency. In the 7th round, ILB Steven Daniels, out of Boston College, is a short, but stocky run stopping LB with a high motor who can deliver big hits, but his isn’t very fast or athletic. RB Keith Marshall, out of Georgia, a high recruited RB with good size and game changing speed, but a knee injury limited him in college.


Chargers: B+

Bosa and Perry add some much need playmakers to a defense with very few impact players; tough to pick Bosa over Ramsey, but Perry was a steal as he was could have went at the end of the 2nd round. Henry gives Rivers another athletic TE, after Ladarius Green left via free agency. Tuerk should solve the problem at center and Clark may find a spot on an O-line lacking depth. Brown should be a project, while Kaser and Watt help the special teams unit.

In the 1st round, Chargers select DE Joey Bosa, out of Ohio State, a huge D-line prospect, with football bloodlines, who plays with a high motor and good presence against the pass and the run. Bosa has all the tools to be an elite player in the league, but needs to get stronger and improve his technique and awareness; I thought he was a better fit for a 4-3 Defense, but the Chargers may try him as an OLB and DE. In the 2nd round, the Chargers select TE Hunter Henry, out of Arkansas, the top rated TE in the draft with a good hands and the ability to catch the ball, while improving as a blocker; he could learn a lot from veteran Antonio Gates, as his future replacement. In the 3rd round, C Max Tuerk, out of USC, is a solid O-line prospect with experience playing 4/5 spots, making him very valuable on a team which suffered injuries everywhere. Tuerk has good size, technique, and athleticism, but he needs to get bigger and stronger, as he may struggle against huge 3-4 Nose Tackles; he should find a starting job at center. In the 4th round, the Chargers pick, ILB Joshua Perry, out of Ohio State, a LB with good size, strength and speed, who must improve his technique and show better coverage; he will be a big help against the run and chase down tackles. In the 5th round, OLB Jatavis Brown, out of Akron, is an undersized LB with good speed and the ability to stop the run and play in coverage; he is expected to be used in a hybrid LB/S role which many teams what to employ. In the 6th round, P Drew Kaser, out of Texas A&M, is a punter with good size and a big leg with the ability to place teams inside the 10. FB Derek Watt, out of Wisconsin, the brother of star DE J.J. Watt, a smaller solid blocking back who can catch out the backfield and make hits on special teams, but he needs to get bigger. In the 7th round, G Donovan Clark, out of Michigan State, is a big guard who has filled in at the tackle spots, but he needs work with his technique and may be restricted to guard in the league.


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