Ell’s Grades for NFL Head Coaching Changes 2015

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March 6, 2015 by Ell and Mike Sports

Ell’s Grades for NFL Head Coaching Changes 2015




Former Head Coach: Doug Marrone

New Head Coach: Rex Ryan

Grade: B+

Rex brings a swagger to a team in much need of that. He brings in some solid coordinators to continue the success on both sides of the ball and he will be the key to keeping the defense playing at the same high level; if not even better. Rex knows that the goal here is to be a perennial playoff contender and I think he can bring that with the level of talent available and to be acquired. This move would be an A, but E.J. Manuel will need to show a lot more in year 3 as this team needs him to take over.



Former Head Coach: Jim Harbaugh

New Head Coach: Jim Tomsula

Grade: C+

It’s hard to replace a personality and talented coach like Harbaugh so the 49ers were already on the wrong side of the battle when it came to picking a new coach. They chose to promote from within and it could be a good move, as far as, getting the most production out of the defense. Tomsula has been there for a while and has gotten a lot of production out of a D-line in need of a boost. He also did a nice job selecting his coordinators, but expectations are high and can he be the guy to fix Kaepernick; he wants him to run more which could be a plus.



Former Head Coach: Mike Smith    

New Head Coach: Dan Quinn

Grade: B+

Mike Smith was a very likable guy, but couldn’t get the job done on defense despite being a bright defensive mind, now Dan Quinn will get his chance. Quinn has been given a lot of credit for the growth of the Legion of Boom in Seattle and the defense success, so people are interested to see what he can do with a basically start from scratch defense in Atlanta. While they waited on Quinn, the Falcons put some nice coordinators in place for Quinn who can really help the team succeed going forward.


 john fox


Former Head Coach: Mark Trestman

New Head Coach: John Fox

Grade: B+

John Fox fits the mold of the type of tough nose coach the Bears are used to and will get the team back to running the ball and playing good defense. The Bears have the talent, but things seemed to be off in the locker room and chemistry mostly around QB Jay Cutler and his struggles, but Fox is a disciplinarian who will not allow that. He brings a good duo of coordinators ready to fix the QB situation and the aggressiveness and toughness of the defense. It will be Fox’s job to get them back to playoffs and change the mentality of the team.



Former Head Coach: John Fox

New Head Coach: Gary Kubiak

Grade: B+

The offense seemed to lose its spark towards the end of the season and offensive guru Gary Kubiak should know how to get this team back to an efficient high scoring offense, as well as, maximize Peyton Manning. Kubiak was brought in to be the piece to get this team over the hump and he has the offensive talent to do it. DC Wade Phillips was brought in to fix the defense and get the most out of the pass rush with the talented pass rushers. Kubiak showed what he can do last year in Baltimore and is held in high regard to Elway.



Former Head Coach: Rex Ryan

New Head Coach: Todd Bowles

Grade: C

Although some people didn’t want to see Rex go, the team was headed in the wrong direction, but replacing his defensive mind and personality will be tough. Todd Bowles is a great defensive mind, but is the opposite of Rex in personality as he is quieter, but he is just as efficient. Bowles can keep this defense going without missing a beat, as well as, get the most of out the secondary like he did in Arizona. The big question for Bowles will be how his little known DC coordinator will work out and how the offense will evolve under his watch with QB Geno Smith or whoever the starter may be next season.



Former Head Coach: Dennis Allen

New Head Coach: Jack Del Rio

Grade: B+

The Raiders are not the best at hiring coaches, but this time I liked the move in Del Rio a proven coach who has done well as a HC with a struggling team (Jaguars) and he was a good DC with Broncos the past few seasons. He can continue to develop the Raiders D and he has a good duo of coordinators to help him continue to teach this young team. Del Rio knows how to lean on the run game and bring good defense which is the key to winning games. He has the right tough guy mentality for this team and should get them going in the right direction again.


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