NBA Draft 2014 2nd Round Analysis

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August 10, 2014 by Ell and Mike Sports

NBA Draft 2014 2nd Round Analysis


31.Bucks – SF/PF Damien Inglis (France)

The Bucks select a good international prospect in Inglis who has good size for the position and is a known as a shutdown defender who can guard a SG, SF, or PF at 6’8 230. Inglis has good quickness and a long wingspan allowing him to rack up blocks, steals, and rebounds. He is a known as a high IQ player with good passing abilities, good court vision, and the ability to run the pick and roll. Inglis has a nice drive game and he is very athletic allowing him to finish at the rim, but he needs to improve from deep. He needs to improve his consistency, shooting, and maturity, but he is only 19 years old and has a lot of potential.

32. 76ers – SF K.J. McDaniels (Clemson)

The 76ers get a young athletic prospect in McDaniels who can really fill up the stat sheet. McDaniels is a good defender who can defend multiple positions generating steals and he has good shot blocking ability. He is a good scorer with good driving ability, but he needs to improve his 3-pt shooting and continue to add weight. McDaniels should be ready to contribute immediately on the defensive end and bring some toughness to the 2nd unit.

33. Cavs – SG Joe Harris (Virginia)

The Cavs drafted a nice scorer and good character player in Harris. He is a good 3-pt shooter (maybe the best in the draft) and he is a smart player who makes good decisions with the ball. Harris has a quick release allowing him to catch and shoot, but he is not very skilled at creating his own shot. Harris will also need to show a lot of improvement on the defensive end and he should add some muscle to his frame, as the competition will be bigger and stronger.

34. Knicks – SF/PF Cleathony Early (Wichita State)

Most scouts has Early as a sure 1st round pick, but he drops to the Knicks where many consider him one of the steals of the draft. Early was the best player on a good team that went undefeated with him leading the way in most categories and putting up big numbers in big games. He has good scoring ability inside and out, he is a good rebounder (played a lot of PF), and he is very athletic with the ability to finish strong at the rim. However, he must transition to a full-time SF with his size, so he will need improvement in passing, jump shooting, and defending. He is a scorer with a lot of potential and should contribute immediately.

35. Jazz (Traded to Grizzlies) – PF Jarnell Stokes (Tennessee)

The Grizzlies acquire Stokes, a good big man prospect with a NBA body and good all around skills. Stokes is a great rebounder especially on the offensive end who doesn’t mind getting physical in the paint. He is a good passer with decent defense and good shot blocking skills who can still score inside the paint efficiently. Stokes needs to continue to get better on the defense end and improve his free throw shooting, but should be ready to contribute immediately coming off a big junior year.

36. Bucks – PF Johnny O’Bryant (LSU)

The Bucks get a growing offensive big man in O’Bryant coming off a good junior year improving his overall game. O’Bryant is a physical player who has a NBA body with a long wingspan which he uses to score inside, block shots, and grab rebounds. He has good range and will take a 3-pointer once in a blue. He must work on his consistency on the offensive end, stay out of foul trouble, and decrease his turnovers.


37. Raptors – SF DeAndre Daniels (U-Conn)

The Raptors select Daniels coming off a good a championship junior year at U-Conn. Daniels is a good shooter who has really improved his 3-pt shooting. He is a good rebounder with good shot blocking ability and the ability to cause turnovers thanks to his long wingspan. He is a known as a smart player with good awareness who knows when to take the right shots. Daniels must continue to get stronger at 6’9 196lbs and he must continue to work on the defensive end.

38. Pistons – PG Spencer Dinwiddie (Colorado)

The Pistons select Dinwiddie who is a big PG prospect at 6’6 who must prove that he can be a full time starter at PG after coming off a knee injury. Dinwiddie uses his size to get in the paint and get to the free throw line where he connects on most of his free throws, but he is not an explosive player. He has improved his shooting especially from deep, but he must continue to be more consistent on that end. Dinwiddie is a good passer, rebounder, and defender who can generate steals, but he needs to continue to improve as a passer.

39. 76ers – SF Jerami Grant (Syracuse)

The Sixers select a good, young athletic prospect in Grant who comes from a NBA background as his father is a former NBA player Harvey Grant and his uncle is former star PF Horace Grant. Grant is a good defender with a long wingspan with the ability to defend multiple positions. He plays with good explosion allowing him to be a good finisher at the rim, but his offensive game is still raw. Grant is also a good rebounder and a decent shot blocker. He projects best as a PF, but he only weight 214 lbs; if he plans to be a SF he must continue to work on his shooting including from the free throw line.

40. T-Wolves – SF Glenn Robinson III (Michigan)

The T-Wolves get a solid wing prospect in the 2nd round in Robinson III who has NBA pedigree being the son of former NBA SF/PF Glenn Robinson and with his talent most people believed he could go in the 1st round. He is athletic with a long wingspan making him a good rebounder and he can really attack the basket making him good in transition. He is known as a very unselfish player and good teammate. Robinson has a nice shot, but must improve his consistency especially from deep. However, he should be a nice contributor off the bench for now.

41. Nuggets – C Nikola Jokic (Serbia)

The Nuggets draft Jokic another good developing prospect from Serbia who can score the ball. Jokic has range out to the 3-pt line, but can he is a nice inside scorer. He is a good rebounder with a NBA body that is still growing as he is only 19 years old. He’s not very athletic or very quick and might be a liability on the defensive end, but he will continue to develop overseas.


42. Rockets – SG Nick Johnson (Arizona)

The Rockets draft Johnson coming off a big junior year showing a good all around game and good athleticism. Johnson has shown that he is a good, consistent scorer with good 3-pt range also.  He is a good defender with the ability to generate steals and he is a good and willing rebounder for his size. Johnson is an undersized SG at 6’3, but has all the skills to contribute immediately off the bench.

43. Hawks – C Walter Tavares (Spain)

The Hawks select Tavares, out of Spain, who is a young improving big man with defensive skills standing tall at 7’3 with a 7’9 wingspan. Tavares is a good rim protector who is adept at blocking shots and patrolling the paint, but he is also prone to foul trouble. Playing in the international game, he is a good pick and roll player which is good for the new style of play in the league. He is raw on the offensive end and needs help rebounding, but he has only been playing basketball for 4 years.

44. T-Wolves (Traded to Nets) – SG Markel Brown (OK State)

The Nets acquire Brown who is coming off a big senior season; he is a player with good athleticism who continued to get better each year. Brown has really improved his shooting even from deep and is a very good player in the transition game with his great dunking. He is a willing defender and a good rebounder for his size. Brown is undersized for the SG spot at 6’3-6’4 and still needs to put on some strength. He is a solid ball handler and passer which will allow him to be a secondary ball handler on the floor.

45. Hornets (Bobcats) – PF Dwight Powell (Stanford)

The Bobcats select Powell who is a big PF with good size and the ability to play some C with the potential to be a stretch PF. Powell can really score and has range outside to the 3-pt line, but his shooting from deep has been inconsistent, despite not taking many per game. Powell is a decent rebounder, but needs work in that department. Powell also needs work on the defensive end and needs to stay out of foul trouble. However, he offers a good blend of size, passing, and scoring as a decent offensive big man.

46. Wizards (Traded to Lakers) – PG Jordan Clarkson (Missouri)

The Lakers acquire Clarkson who is a big scoring PG at about 6’4-6’5, but he must prove that he can be a PG in the NBA. Clarkson is a good athlete who knows how to get to the basket and get to the free throw line with his explosiveness. Clarkson is a decent rebounder for his size and a good free throw shooter. He needs to continue to improve as a passer and limit his turnovers, as well as, improving his shooting especially from deep.


47. 76ers (Traded to Pelicans) – PG Russ Smith (Louisville)

The Pelicans get a solid backup PG to develop in Smith as he is undersized, but brings physicality and toughness despite his size; he has heart. Smith is a tough defender who can generate turnovers (steals) with his quickness which he can also turn into points. Smith is a decent passer, rebounder, and scorer, but he needs to continue to improve as a passer and shooter. He should be ready to contribute as immediately off the bench on the defensive end and even bring toughness to the 2nd unit, but he needs to improve on turnovers.

48. Bucks (Traded to Hawks) – SG Lamar Patterson (Pitt)

The Bucks draft Patterson who is a solid SG coming off a big senior year. Patterson has all the skills to be a solid player running off the pick and roll because he is smart, has very good handles, and he is a consistent shooter especially from deep. Patterson has a NBA ready body and he is a solid rebounder and defender. His overall game should make him an asset to this team, but he needs to continue to work on his consistency and free throw shooting.

49. Bulls – C Cameron Bairstow (New Mexico)

The Bulls draft Bairstow who is a solid center with good size and good work ethic. Bairstow is good on the offensive end with the ability to make left and right handed hook shots and shooting range out to the 3-pt line; however, he could use some improvement in the free throw percentage. He is a smart player and a good rebounder, but defense against athletic and stronger big men will be the problem. However, he will provide solid depth on a deep Bulls team where he has time to improve and learn the game.

50. Suns – C Alec Brown (Green Bay)

The Suns select Brown out of University Wisconsin Green Bay who will be a project player coming out of a smaller school, but the skills are there. Brown is a good shooter for his size (7’1) shooting a good percentage from all over the floor, even the free throw line. He can run the floor well and he is a good shot blocker, however he will need to continue to add strength to play against bigger and better competition. As he has shot the ball more his rebounding numbers have dipped, so he must continue to improve in that area, as well as, defense.


51. Knicks – SF Thanasis Antetokounmpo (Delaware 87ers (D-League))

The Knicks get a good pickup late in the 2nd round in the older brother of young rising star Giannis Antetokounmpo from Greece who plays for the Bucks. Thanasis Antetokounmpo is a good energy guy with good passing who plays hard and can play well without the ball. He is a good defender with quick feet and can really make a name on that end. However, his offensive game is limited as he a good dunker and slasher with some mid range shooting ability. He shined in the D-league and should be ready for a role as a high energy defender off the bench; he can do a little of everything.

52. 76ers – PG Vasilijie Micic (Serbia)

The 76ers select another international prospect in Micic who is a big PG at 6’6 200lbs, but has good athleticism. Micic is a good pick and roll player with the ability to put his teammates in the right position. He can really drive to basket and he is a good shooter, but he needs to improve from deep range and from the free throw line. Micic is a decent defender, but he struggles against smaller guards which could be a problem in the league. Micic should spend another year or two overseas as he works on his outside shooting and defense.

53. T-Wolves (Traded to Rockets) – SF/SG Alessandro Gentile (Italy)

The T-Wolves originally made the selection of Gentile, but they traded him to the Rockets after the draft. Gentile is a good shooter with the ability to also shoot from long range, but he is a streaky shooter. He knows how to get open and moves well without the ball in his hands while also improving as a passer. Gentile has a quick release and can shoot off the dribble, but he is not effective on the defense end. It is up in the air if he will stay overseas or come over to the league, but he should be a shooter on the 2nd unit and help space the floor. He needs to work on his strength, consistency, and defense.

54. 76ers (Traded to Spurs) – SG Nemanja Dangubic (Serbia)

The Spurs had eyes on the 6’8 Dangubic and decided to make a trade. Dangubic is a good athletic prospect with a good basketball IQ and the ability to finish at the basket. He is a good passer, rebounder, and a decent shooter from mid to long range, but he really needs to improve his consistency and jump shooting, as well as adding more strength. He is only 21 years old and will continue to develop overseas.

55. Heat (Traded to OKC) – PG Semaj Christon (Xavier)

The Thunder acquires a big athletic PG prospect who fits their system in Christon. Christon has the ability to get into the paint and slam it home or pass to the open man. He is a long defender who can even defend SGs, but he must continue to add bulk to his frame. Christon has shown an improved 3-pt shot, but must continue to improve on his consistency and his free throw shooting is an area of concern. OKC is the right team to use his strengths to their advantage with scoring PGs like Westbrook and Jackson who thrive in this system.


56. Nuggets (Traded to Magic) – SG/SF Roy Devyn Marble (Iowa)

The Magic acquire a versatile player in Marble coming off a great college career at Iowa leaving his mark in the Big Ten Conference just like his father did. Marble has the ability to play PG, SG, and SF which could keep him around for a long time. He is a good scorer, rebounder, passer, and defender with good handles who can really put up numbers. Marble needs to gain weight and add bulk to his frame, as well as, work on his shooting consistency and turnovers. He should provide good depth for the young athletic Magic.

57. Pacers (Traded to Knicks) – PF Louis Labeyrie (France)

The Knicks acquire an improving international prospect in Labeyrie who has been playing competitive basketball for years. Labeyrie is a high energy player who doesn’t mind diving and fighting for the ball.  He is a good rebounder and improving scorer with a few double-doubles under his belt, but he is still raw and needs to put on weight at 6’10 200lbs. He should continue to improve playing overseas.

58. Spurs (Traded to 76ers) – SG Jordan McRae (Tennessee)

The 76ers acquire McRae who is guard with a good overall game, but he needs to get bigger. McRae is a good scorer with good outside range and the ability to get to the rim, but he needs to do it on a more consistent basis. He is also an improved defender and free throw shooter which shows that he is working on his game. McRae also needs to cut down his turnovers, but he is a decent player who should find a job as a scorer off the bench.

59. Raptors (Traded to Nets) – PG Xavier Thames (San Diego State)

The Nets acquire Thames who is a tall, but skinny PG who can handle the ball well and bring good energy to the floor. Thames is coming off a big senior year with improved stats across the board and he is a good defender, 3pt shooter, and free throw shooter. He was considered the best on ball defender on the team at SD State, but he must learn to defender bigger guards.  Thames needs to prove that he is ready to play against better competition.

60. Spurs – PF Cory Jefferson (Baylor)

With the last pick in the draft, the Spurs select Jefferson who has potential as a nice two way player, but he needs more development on the offensive end. Jefferson has good length making him a good shot blocker and rebounder. He is an efficient scorer with a nice ability to finish around the rim and good passing ability, but he is still raw as a shooter despite showing the ability to knock down some 3-pt shots. Jefferson will be in a great system with the Spurs to utilize his skills and explosiveness, but he needs to add muscle (218 lbs) and continue to get better overall.

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