Ell’s NBA Mock Draft Version 2

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June 14, 2014 by Ell and Mike Sports

NBA Mock Draft 2014 Version 2


1. Cavs – SF/PF Jabari Parker (Duke)

Parker is the best overall player in this draft and a legit scorer from Day 1. The Cavs would be foolish to pass on this type of talent. Parker can scorer from all over the court, he can rebound, and should continue to improve on defense. His offensive game is very similar to Carmelo Anthony or Rudy Gay which are very good comparisons.


2. Bucks – SG/SF Andrew Wiggins (Kansas)

The Bucks are in need of scorer, but Wiggins will give them a young prospect who has no problems using his athleticism to get to the rim. He is a bit inconsistent, but as he jumper improves and he matures he will become a complete player. Wiggins can fill in nicely at the SG or SF spot (mostly SG) and he will give them a legit franchise player for years to come.


3. 76ers – C Joel Embiid (Kansas)

Embiid is a complete center with the ability to play on both ends of the floor, but his offensive game is still raw. However, he is a legit rebounder and shot blocker with the ability to dominate on the defensive end, but he does have injury concerns. Embiid could give the 76ers a real center to put next to Nerlens Noel once he returns giving them a nice big man duo.


4. Magic – PG/SG Dante Exum (Australia)

Exum would love to team up with now 2nd year player Victor Oladipo and his wish comes true in this mock draft. Both players could share the ball handling duties as Exum wants to prove he is a PG and both players have the ability to do a lot of things well. Exum can really get to the rim and has an improving jumper; he is a young player so his game will continue to mature especially with more experience.


5. Jazz – PF Julius Randle (Kentucky)

 Randle is one of the most NBA ready players in this draft as he has a nice old-school post game, a nice NBA frame with good height, and a developing defensive game. Randle has the type of game that you want from your PF with the ability to bang inside and even rebound as he averaged a double-double. Another good Kentucky player, Randle should go high despite his injury and the Jazz can afford to wait on his recovery.



6. Celtics – PF/SF Aaron Gordon (Arizona)

Gordon is a nice athletic player with good inside/outside defense, the ability to dunk on anybody, and an improving overall offensive game, however, his percentages are low and he can’t shoot free throws. Gordon is a player in the mold of Shawn Marion as he has a strange offensive game, can throw down nice dunks, and play solid defense. He would be a nice glue player for the young Celts and could knock Gerald Wallace right out of the lineup.

7. Lakers – SF/PF Dario Saric (Croatia)

With the team not getting as a high a pick as they thought and the main players off the board, I think this is a perfect trade spot, but if they gamble it could be on Saric who is considered the next Dirk Nowitzki. Saric has good size and has really improved his scoring and rebounding, but he will continue to improve his game and could eventually come over and be a star.

8. Kings – PF Noah Vonleh (Indiana)

Vonleh is a player whose stock continues to grow as scouts are amazed by his long wingspan, long fingers, and big hands which match great with his athleticism. Vonleh is a player who can play on both sides (offense/defense), but he is still a raw prospect. He is a good post scorer, shot blocker, and rebounder, but he needs to be more aggressive. He might be the perfect PF to match with Demarcus Cousins.

9. Hornets (Bobcats) – PF Doug McDermott (Creighton)

This player and team seem like the perfect draft day match as they love to pick high profile college players. McDermott was a high volume scorer in college, but how he will adjust to NBA competition is the big question. He is a good scorer and rebounder with a solid old-school post game and an improving outside jumper. He needs to improve his defense and improve his strength to bang in the paint with better competition.

10. 76ers – SG Nick Stauskas (Michigan)

Stauskas is probably the best pure shooter in this draft mostly from the 3pt arc and he has even developed a nice drive game. He is a tough player with good work ethic who could develop into a solid SG in the league, but he must improve his defense. Stauskas could help the 76ers put some points on the board and take some of the outside scoring load off of James Anderson.


11. Nuggets – PG Marcus Smart (OK State)

Smart had a down year and his attitude problems were really exposed which is why I believe he will drop out of the top 10 even if just barely. He could develop nicely behind Ty Lawson and maybe even take over Randy Foye’s role playing next to Lawson. Smart has good strength, drive ability, rebounding skills, and toughness, but he needs to work on his passing and his jumper.

12. Magic -SF/SG Rodney Hood (Duke)

Hood is a solid prospect with good size and scoring ability, but he can be inconsistent at times and he needs to put on more strength if he plans to be a SF. He plays solid defense and is can rebound efficiently occasionally. Hood would be a nice addition at SG/SF to give Oladipo or Affalo a rest when needed and still give a nice scoring touch.

13. T-Wolves – SG Gary Harris (Michigan State)

Harris is a solid player who can score from all over the court and especially space the floor from 3. Harris is a solid perimeter defender and he has the ability to play the pick and roll game allowing him to knock down outside shots which is the key to today’s NBA game. However, he is coming off a down year in college showing inconsistency. The T-Wolves are looking for somebody to provide a scoring spark next to Rubio other than Kevin Martin from the guard spot and Harris could be that guy.

14.  Suns – SG/PG Zach LaVine (UCLA)

LaVine is a nice explosive player with the ability to score from all over the court and at the athleticism to jump out of the gym, but he is still raw and needs to play defense. LaVine is a young player with a lot of upside, but he has a lot of work to do and he must continue to add strength. He wants to prove he is a PG, but he is probably best as a SG. He would be a nice addition for the Suns to join the other combo guards Eric Bledsoe (if he re-signs), Goran Dragic, and Archie Goodwin.  The Suns could also make a trade as they have multiple picks.



15. Hawks – SF James Young (Kentucky)

16. Bulls – PG Tyler Ennis (Syracuse)

17. Celts – PF Adreian Payne (Michigan State)

18. Suns – SF Kyle Anderson (UCLA)

19. Bulls – SF T.J. Warren (N.C. State)

20. Raptors – PG/SG Shabazz Napier (UConn)

21. OKC – PF/SF Cleanthony Early (Wichita State)

22. Grizzlies – SF K.J. McDaniels (Clemson)

23. Jazz – SG C.J. Wilcox (Washington)

24. Hornets – SG P.J. Hairston (Texas Legends/UNC)

25. Rockets – SF/PF Jeremi Grant (Syracuse)

26. Heat – SG Jordan Adams (UCLA)  

27. Suns – PF/C Kristaps Porzingis (Latvia)

28. Clippers – PG Elfrid Payton (Louisiana-Lafayette)

29. OKC – PF Jarnell Stokes (Tennessee)

30. Spurs – C Jusuf Nurkic (Bosnia)



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