Ell’s NBA Mock Draft Version 1 (Lottery Only #1-14)

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April 28, 2014 by Ell and Mike Sports

NBA Mock Draft 2014 Version 1 (Lottery Picks)

*Draft Order Based on Lottery Chances Not Actual Lottery Order

*Some Teams Could Change Based on Trade Restrictions on that Pick



1. Bucks – SG/SF Andrew Wiggins (Kansas)

The Bucks need a nice franchise player preferably at the SG spot to play off PG Brandon Knight and space the floor away from PF John Henson and C Larry Sanders. Wiggins is that guy as he can slash to the basket, knock down jumpers, and even make the smart pass to the players mentioned above. Wiggins and last year’s rookie SF Giannis Antetokounmpo can grow nicely together with SF Khris Middleton giving them a trio of young wings.

2. 76ers – SF/PF Jabari Parker (Duke)

The 76ers are in dire need of scoring and luckily the best scorer in the draft falls in their lap. Parker would fill in nicely as a scoring partner for rookie Michael Carter-Williams who needs any help he can get and Parker would complement SF/PF Thaddeus Young well, as well as, take some of the outside scoring load off of SG James Anderson. Parker is another athletic player that can nicely replace Evan Turner and do even more, making this an exciting young team to watch.

3. Magic – PG/SG Dante Exum (Australia)

The Magic are in dire need of their PG of the future as rookie SG Victor Oladipo has shown he is better as a ball handling 2-guard instead of taking over full time PG duties. Exum is a similar player who wants to develop into a pure PG, but has the skills of a good shooting guard, but thanks to the success of Michael Carter-Williams he will get a chance to prove he is the draft’s best PG. Exum wants to play for the Magic or the Lakers and the Magic would gladly grant him his wish to play alongside Oladipo giving them a nice backcourt duo for the longterm.

4. Jazz – PF Julius Randle (Kentucky)

The Jazz are in a good position to pick the best player available as their starting lineup of the future is set in place with Burke, Burks, Hayward, Favors, and Kanter. Therefore, with a player like Randle on the board the Jazz pick up a nice player with a complete offensive post game which Favors and Kanter do not have. Randle will give them a nice big man off the bench who could play in lineups alongside PF/C Derrick Favors or C Enis Kanter as the more offensive big man and could make one of the two expandable (maybe Kanter).

5. Celtics – C Joel Embiid (Kansas)

The Celtics could use a nice SG or a nice pure C to sure up their starting lineup for the long term. Luckily, the best center in the draft Embiid falls to the Celts who can start at the 5 from day 1 giving them a nice two way center who can be an instant factor with his size and talent. He would be a nice addition next to PF/C Kelly Olynyk or PF Jared Sullinger which would allow the team to move on from veteran PF Brandon Bass.

6. Lakers – SF/PF Aaron Gordon (Arizona)

If stuck at the #6 spot the Lakers would be caught in a bind as the options of who to pick are not as clear, but I think they would choose Gordon as his potential to be a playmaking PF and eventual successor to PF/C Pau Gasol is very high; they could also play alongside each other. Coach D’Antoni could use Gordon in a Shawn Marion role or even in an Amare Stoudemire role as the offensive post scorer. Gordon’s defense and toughness are what a team like the Lakers is missing right now and they haven’t had that type of player on the roster in a while.


7. Kings – PF Noah Vonleh (Indiana)

The Kings either need a nice SF to replace Rudy Gay if he leaves or a nice PF or C to pair with C/PF DeMarcus Cousins. Vonleh seems to fit the job as he is a tough interior player on both the defensive and offensive end. He could space the floor while Cousins continues to dominate in the paint and Vonleh is a tough interior rebounder which could lead to the Kings owning teams in the paint and getting a lot of 2nd chance buckets. Vonleh would give the Kings a very dangerous young lineup.

*8. Pistons – SF/PF Dario Saric (Croatia)

The Pistons need help at the SF position and they also may need help at PF if they decide to let Monroe walk to a team that pays him top dollar. Saric is a nice young prospect some compare to Dirk Nowitzki and with the Pistons love of international players Saric has to be on the list as a nice prospect in similar mold to SF Kyle Singler, but with more talent and upside. Saric could be a nice young building block to go with C Andre Drummond for years to come.

9. Cavs – PG Marcus Smart (OK State)

The Cavs need a SG to run away with the job or a SF to replace Luol Deng if they do allow him to walk. Although there are some talented wing players in the draft, I believe that Smart would make sense if he fell this far as he would be a nice addition at the SG spot to play off of PG Kyrie Irving. Smart would also have the ability to play alongside SG Dion Waiters as Smart could be the drive and dish player. Smart also would bring a toughness to the team that it currently lacks and he would add some quality perimeter defense.

*10. Pelicans – SF/SG Rodney Hood (Duke)

The Pelicans need a pure C or a nice wing player who can play alongside SG Eric Gordon or SF/SG Tyreke Evans. Hood would fit the bill as a nice scorer and may be able to make Gordon expandable as a nice young scorer. Hood has good size for the SG spot and would give the Pelicans a much needed 3-pt shooter to help space the floor. Ryan Anderson and Eric Gordon are the other two 3-pt shooters on the team and Anderson was injured most of the season.

*11. Nuggets – PG Tyler Ennis (Syracuse)

The Nuggets are in need of a SG to make Randy Foye expandable (the return of Galinari could do that along with the growth of Fournier) or a PG to spell Ty Lawson and maybe play alongside him. Ennis appears to be a good fit as he is a nice point guard who can play well without the ball and he isn’t much of a scorer making him a nice complement to Lawson. The perimeter defense Ennis brings would also make him a welcome addition to this team.

*12. Magic – SF/PF Doug McDermott (Creighton)

The Magic already picked a nice PG to add to their lineup so with this pick looking for someone who can play in the interior and they pick McDermott who will be more of a PF in the NBA due to his lack of athleticism. McDermott can score from all over the court and he can be a nice energy and hustle player who can take on the role they had for “Big Baby” Glen Davis. McDermott gives this team more versatility in the lineups as McDermott could fill in as a 3 or stretch 4 next to a similar player in SF/PF Tobias Harris.

13. T-Wolves – SG Nick Stauskas (Michigan)

The T-Wolves need help from the wing position just like last year and a nice shooter who can seal the SG or SF spot would be the ideal pick. Stauskas is a player in the mold of SG J.J. Reddick, basically a nice long range shooter with the ability to drive occasionally and make smart passes. He is a nice scoring threat who could fill-in well next to Rubio and help space the floor giving Love and Pekovic more space to work with inside.

14.  Suns – SF Kyle Anderson (UCLA)

The Suns have a nice array of young talent and besides depth at PG they don’t have many needs allowing them to select the best player available. I think a player like Anderson would fit the bill as a nice glue-player to take some minutes away from P.J. Tucker as another SF/PF player. Anderson could keep the 2nd unit moving as a nice inside/outside scorer, defender, and playmaker and also give the Suns more versatility in their lineups. Anderson has nice passing skills to take advantage of the athletic players the Suns have by forcing teams to guard everyone.

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