UFC 172: Jon Jones vs Glover Teixeira Prediction

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April 24, 2014 by Ell and Mike Sports

jones vs tex

UFC 172 pits one of the rising light heavy weights against arguably the best UFC fighter right now. Teixeira has not lost a fight since March of 2005 and looks to keep that streak going against Jones. Teixeira is a BJJ Black Belt and brings some great striking and big hands into this battle. Teixeira has defeated foes Rampage Jackson, submitted James Te Huna, and recently knocked out Ryan Bader at UFC Fight Night in September of last year. He earned knockout of the night for that performance. While Teixeira brings an impressive resume’, where do I start with Jon Jones. Jones is probably the best fighter since Anderson Silva. Jones has everything you want in a fighter; striking, ground game, submissions, and intangibles. Jones has beaten some of the best light heavyweights in the division. Names on that list include Vitor Belfort, Rashad Evans, and Lyoto Machida. There is a reason he is the youngest UFC champion in UFC history. When he won the belt he was already talented but now his experience is catching up with his talent. This fight in my opinion will be an uphill climb for Glover but if he fights a smart fight he can hang in the. So who will win? Lets find out.


                  GLOVER TEIXEIRA                   VS                            JON JONES

HEIGHT            6’2                                                                             6’4

WEIGHT         205 LBS                                                                     205 LBS

REACH             76″                                                                             84.5″

AGE                 34                                                                               26

RECORD          21-2                                                                            19-1


STRIKING – Jon Jones

Glover has some amazing hands and the have been on display a lot lately. He has some of the heaviest hands in this division, if not the heaviest but striking is not based solely on punching. Striking can come from numerous ways and this is where Jones is dominant. Jones brings an array of moves from spinning back elbows to leg kicks, punches and front kicks. The stronger hands may come from Teixeira but the person who has more to prepare for is Jones. The reach Jones posses will also play a big part is his striking ability and the only way I see Teixeira eliminating this is if he can land some leg kicks to Jones legs and close the distance and land some punches inside.


I know I am going to catch some heat for this pick because how well rounded Jones is but I can’t go against a fighter who has never been taken down in the octagon. Jones has scored a takedown in 11 straight fights but with that being a major focus in Teixeira’s training I don’t think Jones will have a takedown. I know that Glover has not faced a fighter of the caliber that Jones is but I believe his takedown defense is world class.


Glover is an established BJJ and Jones is a wrestler that knows Muay Thai but has submitted some of the UFC’s best. Glover has a great guillotine that Jones will have to watch for when he shoots for a takedown. Jones submitted Rampage Jackson and Votor Belfort. So Jones has shown against the best that he can make them tap. Glover will have to watch out for the various submissions that Jones has if he does get taken down.


An area of Jones’ attack that is not talked about enough is his ground game. When Jones takes his opponents down he is lethal with his elbows. His fight against Chael Sonnen was where this was clearly on display. His size presents a lot of difficulty for his opponents on the ground because his length makes it difficult to stop his ground game


I believe Jones will try to show that even though Teixeira is a great striker that he is just as good and will use his striking with force and attacking him from all angles. He will feel out Teixeira in the early rounds and see what he can do and can’t do and let his striking finish Teixeira. Jones will continue to reign as champ


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