Ell N Mike’s NBA Midseason Predictions: Defensive Player

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March 8, 2014 by Ell and Mike Sports

Defensive Player of the Year


Ell – C Roy Hibbert

Although his numbers are not #1 in the defensive categories, Hibbert is the biggest starting center in the league and he has players cautious to go in the paint against him which helps makes the Pacers the #1 defensive team. Hibbert is an elite post defender and a dangerous shot blocking threat. Although his defensive range does not extend to the perimeter he is what you would call a true center and he plays it well. He is averaging 7.4rpg and 2.4bpg, but opposing teams are choosing to shoot around him rather than challenge him.


Honorable Mention: PF/C Anthony Davis, C DeAndre Jordan


Anthony Davis has been a great defensive player this year as well as improving his all around game to an All-Star level. He is averaging 2.9bpg which leads the league, 10rpg and 1.4spg; however he is just the best player on a poor performing young team. His ability to play good defense inside and outside as well as score from all over the court makes him a rare talent.



DeAndre Jordan has been a very essential player to Doc River’s defense despite not getting all of the hype that Blake Griffin gets. However, Jordan is averaging 2.4 bpg, 13.9rpg, and 1spg which making him a key playmaker down in the post without the ball in his hands. However, Jordan does not strike the same fear Hibbert does and at times can be inconsistent, but he is probably the biggest challenger to Hibbert if these numbers continue.


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