Ell’s NFL Weekly: Week 1

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September 30, 2013 by Ell and Mike Sports

Week 1


Ravens 27 vs. Broncos 49

The Broncos were absolutely dominant in this game showing that they will continue to be one of the best offenses in the league with the added firepower. Peyton Manning displayed dominance with 7TDs and the whole 2nd half all Broncos. New TE Julius Thomas had a breakout game without over 100 yards and the Broncos passing attack firing on all cylinders. The Broncos defense all showed signs of dominance even without pass rusher Von Miller, especially against the run. The Ravens secondary showed to be a spot of weakness and QB Joe Flacco needs help from the receivers. It didn’t help that the Ravens run game never got started.

Pats 23 vs. Bills 21

Rookie EJ Manuel almost pulls it off, but the Patriots are too much. The Pats delivered an efficient balanced attack without their star TEs. Both defenses played well with the edge to the aggressive Bills D. They were able to apply pressure to Brady, but struggled against the run; the D-line could cause problems this season. Rookie EJ Manuel showed good poise in his 1st start and could be the starter for the long term the Bills have been hoping for giving the Pats a run for their money without committing a turnover. He should continue to improve as the season continues.

Titans 16 vs. Steelers 9

This was a game of good defense, especially by titans showing a very aggressive unit ready to cause problems this season. The Steelers offense was extremely ineffective especially the run game. The O-line did not play well and the loss of Center/Captain Maurkice Pouncey seemed to deflate the team and kill the momentum they had early in the game. Linebacker Zach Brown really made his mark this game and Safety Troy Polamalu appears to be back; however, he appeared to be a step short on a couple possible turnovers. Both offenses could use some improvement.

Falcons 17 vs. Saints 23

The Falcons struggles with the Saints continue in another good divisional battle. Both offenses played well thanks to the many playmakers despite good defensive play by both teams with an edge to the Saints in the turnover department. This happened to be the difference in the game leading to a Saints win. The Saints appear to be back under Head Coach Sean Payton and DC Rob Ryan. Stephen Jackson ran the ball well for the Falcons which could lead to good things to come. The Saints already appears to be more aggressive under Ryan and this should be a positive going forward. WR Kenny Stills continues to shine continuing to stretch the field like in the preseason.

Bucs 17 vs. Jets 18

The Bucs and Jets was a defensive battle with the slight edge to the Jets.  A late penalty allowed the Jets to win on a field goal. QB Geno Smith showed exceptional poise in his 1st game, despite a poor performance in the preseason. He showed an ability to run when the time was right picking up a few yards to extend drives. On the other side, QB Josh Freeman did not show good accuracy and must improve for this offensive to grow. This was a big surprise win as the Jets started a rookie QB and didn’t appear to have the playmakers, but they pull off the win.

Chiefs 28 vs. Jags 2

This game got off to a bad start as the Chiefs were down 2-0 thanks to a blocked punt that rolled to the back of the endzone for a safety. However, this game turned into a blowout quickly as the Chiefs offense proved to be efficient under new QB Alex Smith and HC Andy Reid. The Chiefs defensive still proved to be one of the best in the league and pass rushing OLB Justin Houston was absolutely dominate. QB Blaine Gabbert continues to struggle and prove that he was another draft bust. He lacks good accuracy and continues to turnover the football, but if the Jags don’t find a new QB soon they will continue to struggle to move the ball. On the other side, the Chiefs appear to be a solid balanced team.

Seahawks 12 vs. Panthers 7

This game was a defensive battle, but the offensive edge went to the Seahawks as QB Russell Wilson showed excellent poise in the pocket passing for over 300yds, while displaying great accuracy. QB Cam Newton did a good job for the Panthers taking care of the football, despite going up against a tough defense. RB DeAngelo Williams seems ready to provide balance to the team showing efficient running ability to complement Newton. Wilson seems to have a nice set of wide receiver with WR Jermaine Kearse still making big plays like in the preseason and WR Doug Baldwin continuing to develop.

Bengals 21 vs. Bears 24

Both teams displayed good ability to pass the football with WRs A.J. Green and Brandon Marshall having big games going over 100yds. The new offensive system under HC Marc Trestman seems to be working well, as the young O-line protected QB Jay Cutler and didn’t allow any sacks as the ball was spread well amongst the offense. The Bears defense still showed solid play which was the key difference in the game, despite struggles with the Dalton-Green connection. Rookie RB Giovani Bernard showed better running than BenJarvus Green-Ellis which could lead to a change in the balance of their carries. The addition of TE Martellus Bennett to the Bears seems to be a good one as he is physical with good hands for the passing game.


Dolphins 23 vs. Browns 10

The Dolphins were able to get a much needed win on the road to start the season with QB Ryan Tannehill displaying good leadership and pocket presence in his sophomore year. Both teams played good defensively applying good pressure with neither team able to get the run game started. However, Tannehill was still able to make good decisions with the ball displaying good accuracy. On the other side, QB Brandon Weeden struggled with three INTs, but was able to connect with TE Jordan Cameron who had over 100yds receiving and continues to get better. The turnovers and Tannehill to Hartline (9catches, 114yds, TD) was the keys to winning the game for the Dolphins. However, both teams should be worried about developing their run game.

Vikings 24 vs. Lions 34

The Lions’ addition of RB Reggie Bush proved its worth as he showed efficient running and even went over 100yds receiving; this is the type of RB they have been missing since Javhid Best. The combination of Bush and RB Joique Bell seems to be a good one to complement the already efficient Lions passing game. RB Adrian Peterson pounded his way to 2TDs, but didn’t receive much help from QB Christian Ponder who threw 3INTs, which was the key difference in the game. The Lions defense applied good pressure, but Ponder was also very inaccurate with his passes. WR Jerome Simpson was able to go over 100yds which was a good sign for a team in need of playmakers who almost let him go.

Raiders 17 vs. Colts 21

The Raiders make this game interesting under new start QB Terrelle Pryor and his athletic play, but fall short to the Colts. Colts QB Andrew Luck displayed good accuracy and took good care of the football, despite constant pressure from the Raiders D which appears to be more aggressive than last year with the new moves. Pryor showed an exceptional ability to make plays with his feet which could really help a Raiders team in need of big plays. However, he must learn how to take care of the ball better, although he doesn’t have the best receivers to throw the ball up to.

Packers 28 vs. 49ers 34

The 49ers offense didn’t run the ball as expected, but chose to let QB Colin Kaepernick show off his passing skills in route to a huge win over the Packers. WR Anquan Boldin had a huge game really showing the Ravens what they were missing by going over 200yds receiving. He proved to form a solid complement to TE Vernon Davis in WR Michael Crabtree’s absence; this was a great pickup. QB Aaron Rodgers was his on his typical A game carving up the 49ers secondary with some help from rookie RB Eddie Lacy to complement him. The 49ers D played better overall giving them the slight edge, as the Packers D struggled to stop Kaepernick.

Cards 24 vs. Rams 27

The divisional battle between the Cards and Rams turned out to be a good game thanks to improved QB play from both squads. QB Carson Palmer finally gives the Cards the QB they have been looking for since Kurt Warner, as he was able to get the ball to WR Larry Fitzgerald. However, this wasn’t enough as QB Sam Bradford fed the ball to new addition TE Jared Cook going for 141yds on the way to a Rams win. Defensive end Robert Quinn, of the Rams, proved to be too much for the Arizona O-line, which was the difference as the Rams D out played the Cards. Both teams should be happy that they are finally getting production out of the passing game and it should help them gain wins going forward.

Giants 31 vs. Cowboys 36

In the battle of the division rival Giants and Cowboys, the Cowboys come out on top forcing turnovers under new DC Monte Kiffin. Eli Manning tossed 3INTs getting off to a bad start, but was able to throw for 450yds with three receivers over 100yds. The Giants run game was a non factor which was a huge issue with two loss fumbles. The Cowboys were efficient on offense and didn’t play bad on defense, but the secondary gave up plenty yardage. However, as usual with good football the turnovers were the difference maker in this game.

Eagles 33 vs. Redskins 27

This game featured a hot Eagles first half under the spread offense of new HC Chip Kelly. QB Robert Griffin III was ineffective in 1st half and the Redskins defense broke down after an early turnover. QB Mike Vick was pretty effective in the new offense showing an ability to run and RB Lesean McCoy looked very comfortable moving the football very well on the ground. On the other side, RB Alfred Morris never really got into a zone which is a big difference to last year. The Eagles showed a good pass rush, but the secondary seems be a weakness. The Redskins defense shows a good pass rush, but must stop the run. RGIII did not look 100% healthy, but did improve in the 2nd half of the game.

Texans 31 vs. Chargers 28

This game surprisingly turned into a loss for the Chargers as they had a good 1st half on both sides of the football. The defense fell to the Texans passing game in the 2nd half leading to a needed win on the road to start the season. QB Philip Rivers had a huge game with 4TDs showing a great improvement in his play from last year, despite still no real help from the run game. The Chargers D played good in the 1st half, but showed weakness in the secondary in the 2nd half. The Texans D struggled in the 1st half, but played a lot better in the 2nd half. Both teams played well on offense which is the good sign going forward. RB Ben Tate ran more efficiently than RB Arian Foster as he is returning off injury, this could change the balance of carries going forward.

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