Ell N Mike Top 10’s : Greatest WR’s All-Time

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September 16, 2013 by Ell and Mike Sports

Top 10 WR’s:



1. Jerry Rice – “The G.O.A.T.”

Best hands and work ethic of any player; Total Package. Rice has the stats and rings to prove it. He never took a play off which made him so clutch and always in the right place at the right time.

2. Randy Moss – “Best Leaping Ability/Red Zone Target”

Moss was the best deep threat to ever play the game. He has the leaping ability of a NBA player and is one of the best Red Zone targets ever with his ability to make one hand catches and look away from the ball until the last second.

3. Marvin Harrison – “Best Route Runner”

Harrison is probably the 2nd most consistent WR all-time behind #1 on this list, but for over a decade Manning to Harrison was guaranteed. Harrison is the best route-running WR which is the key to becoming a good WR; this allowed him to be in the right place that Manning expected him to be at all times developing solid chemistry.

4. Cris Carter – “Reliable Hands”

Carter has the best hands of any WR ever besides #1 on this list. He is the type of receiver who looks to make the clutch play whether on 3rd down, double covered, or under the spotlight. He also helped mentor Moss helping him become one of the best.

5. Michael Irvin – “Tough Guy WR”

Irving was one of the original big WRs. He loved going across the middle and making the big catches just like he did in college. He had the size to overpower cornerbacks and outrun linebackers using his body to get physical with the defense instead of the other way around.

Honorable Mention:


6. Terrell Owens

7. James Lofton

8. Issac Bruce

9. Steve Largent

10. Tim Brown



1. Jerry Rice – Mr. Perfect

 Rice wasn’t the biggest, fastest, or tallest. You know what he was though, perfection. Throughout his career Rice always worked hard and always finished everything he did. Rice never ran a lazy route, and always knew how to get open. Out of all the WRs, Rice had the most competitive spirit which drove him to be the best, not only of all-time, but every play.

2. Randy Moss – Deeper Than You Know

Often criticized and bashed Moss for not running across the middle, but Moss is the best deep threat WR ever. People say he never ran across the middle, but that’s false. Early in his career Moss did just that, and still destroyed corners. His Vikings years were some of the greatest years ever by a WR. His size at 6’4 combined with his 4.3 speed made him unstoppable. To truly see his speed, watch the “he hate me now” Randy Moss highlights video on YouTube. Definitely a solid lock at 2.

3. Chris Carter – Mr. Consistent

Possessing a pair of the greatest hands ever, Carter was a welcomed addition to any offense. Why? Well let’s just say he made some incomplete passes, complete. A great all around WR, he let his game do the talking. I remember a clip when a rookie CB was talking trash; Chris Carter lined up three plays later and scored a TD on him. C.C. was truly great.

4. Terrell Owens – Mr. Controversial

His antics on and off the field weren’t the best, but his play on the field was nearly unmatched. His size combined with his speed and strength made him nearly unstoppable. If you tried to jam Owens he would beat u by using his strength n his speed made him hard to catch once he got pass. T.O. is much disliked, but the numbers do not lie.

5. Marvin Harrison – Best Route Runner Ever

Playing with Peyton Manning is really why a lot of people don’t give Marvin a lot of credit. But when you go back and watch how he would just chop his feet and break out on an in route, it was perfect. Next play, he would do the same thing and go deep, he was a master at setting you up for the big play. Another guy that wasn’t big, but had great hands and route-running ability. Definitely underrated and underappreciated.    

Honorable Mention:


6. Michael Irvin

7. Steve Largent

8. Lance Alworth

9. Tim Brown

10. Art Monk

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