Ell N Mike Top 10’s : Greatest QB’s All-Time


September 5, 2013 by Ell and Mike Sports

Top 10 QBs



1. Joe Montana “The G.O.A.T.”

This guy needs no introduction. Joe Montana is the Best QB to ever play the game. He has the stats and rings to prove it. Joe Montana = QB

2.* Peyton Manning “Offensive Coordinator on the Field”

The only QB who has ever had full control of the offense and is an absolute general on the field calling audibles on the spot while playing mind games with the defense. Manning has the stats and MVPs to prove he is one of the all-time greats, but is still on the search for another ring.

3. Dan Marino “Best Arm/Accuracy Combo (The Elite Passer)”

Marino had a rocket arm, was a great passer, and had great accuracy. He doesn’t have the rings, but did all he could to win by slinging the football putting up historic numbers only topped by the guy above him on this list.

4. Brett Favre “Strongest Arm / Toughest QB in the Modern Era”

Favre is the toughest QB to play the game in the Modern Era which is proven through his consecutive games started record of 297 games which is ridiculous for any NFL player, especially a QB. He also has one of the strongest arms in history maybe only in comparison to the guy above him on this list.

5. John Elway “Mr. Clutch / True QB “

One of the best ever to play the game; John Elway = The Broncos. One of the most clutch QB’s in NFL history, probably only 2nd to Montana. He was an absolute general on the field and overall team leader. He had the arm and athleticism to make special plays. “The Drive”

Honorable Mention:


6. Johnny Unitas 

7. *Tom Brady

8. Sammy Baugh

9. Roger Staubach

10. Steve Young



1. Joe Montana – Winning Never Gets Old

4 rings is all you really have to say about Joe Montana. Not only was he a great general on the field but when the times got tough he still performed. We all remember “The Catch”. While the catch was great, Joe Cool made that throw under that pressure packed moment seem effortless. Still the best QB ever until someone with 5 rings and the skills dethrones him.

2. *Peyton Manning – Revolution Man

Coming out of college many knew Peyton would be special, but some thought Ryan Leaf would be even more special. Pause. We see how that turned out, but Peyton really evolved the position and took the whole audibling and checking at the line to a whole new level. He is the total package from accuracy to breaking down the defense. Why isn’t he 1st? He needs more hardware on his hand.

3. John Elway – Mr. Comeback

There is a lot you can say about Mr. Elway, but it’s like the guy loved being behind. Now we know that is not the case, but when behind John Elway made some great plays that led to some great wins. I know I’m going to catch some flack for putting him over Marino, but he was more clutch and the two rings prove it.

4. Dan Marino – Golden Arm

Dan Marino undoubtedly had the best all around arm all time. From the quick release, combined with his pinpoint accuracy, Marino could literally fit the ball anywhere. A ring would have definitely had Marino in the top 2, but there’s no doubt of who would finish number one on this list in an accuracy competition.

5. Brett Favre – Gunslinger 

When you think of a QB who just was the epitome of a gunslinger and made the most of whatever he had, Favre is that. When he dropped back to pass you knew he was going to sling the ball hard n fast. In my opinion, he has the strongest arm ever out of all the QBs. Favre broke a lot of the passing records both TDs and INTs, but Favre’s greatness goes beyond the numbers. Favre never had a great WR, but always made his receivers better. Antonio Freeman, Donald Driver, and Sidney Rice had their best seasons with Farve.

Honorable Mention:


6. *Tom Brady

7. Johnny Unitas

8. Steve Young

9. Roger Staubach

10. Otto Graham 


3 thoughts on “Ell N Mike Top 10’s : Greatest QB’s All-Time

  1. Couple things to note. First off great post nothing funner to me than debating quarterbacks! Next I’ve never been a fan of putting Dan Marino and Brett Favre in top 10 all time QBs. I realize they’ve had the most pass attempts by they lead the world in interceptions. Also I’d have Johnny as one of the top 3. I know he didn’t have the greatest numbers but in predominantly running league he set the standard for the modern quarterback now.

    • Ell and Mike says:

      Thanks for visiting the site and criticism is always welcome. Favre and Marino were part of a passing culture, so we can’t hold passing attempts against them just because offenses evolved. The interceptions, of course, come from being gunslingers. Unitas is one of the all-time greats, but the reasons for the others mentioned seem to outweigh his ranking. Please continue to read and enjoy our blogs.

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