NBA 2013 Draft Grades and Summaries

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July 21, 2013 by Ell and Mike Sports

NBA 2013 Draft Grades and Summaries


Hawks: With their 1st pick in round 1, the Hawks select PG Dennis Schroeder. Schroeder is a raw, but talented point guard with good quickness and passing ability. He is compared to PG Rajon Rondo, but he has developed a good 3-point shot to go with his court vision. He should be a good hustle player off the bench and could potentially be a starter. After a trade with the Celtics, the Hawks acquire C/PF Lucas Nogueira who could develop into a shot-blocking, defensive big man who runs the floor well. However, he is still raw and has a ways to go on the offensive end, but has a few years to continue to develop overseas. PF/C Mike Muscala out of Bucknell is a good scorer and rebounder with good size. Muscala has good finesse moves and shooting range; however, he must make the tough transition from the Patriot League and prove he can handle better competition.

Draft Grade: B- (Solid Draft)

Schroeder appears to be ready to contribute as a backup PG and has the skills to eventually become a starter when he develops. Nogueira has good athleticism and the Hawks will keep an eye on his development. Muscala seems like a player who could contribute off the bench for a long time as a finesse PF.

Celtics: The Celtics acquire C Kelly Olynyk via trade from the Mavericks. He is a good scorer with good range who should be ready to contribute immediately. He needs to play with more toughness and develop on the defensive end if he plans to eventually make the starting lineup. C Colton Iverson out of Colorado State is a bully in the paint, but lacks real post moves. He has good potential and great size, but he must make a tough transition to the talent upgrade in the league.

Draft Grade: C+ (Has Potential)

Olynyk will help add some inside scoring that has been lacking from the team and he can help stretch the floor. However, he needs bulk, defense, and toughness. Colton Iverson is a developmental player at this point, but he can work his way into the bench rotation with good summer league play.

Nets: The Nets take the Duke prospect PF/C Mason Plumlee. He has good size and has developed some inside scoring moves. He must continue to add bulk if he wants to bang with the big boys in the paint. He should provide offense off the bench and learn as much as he can from veteran PF Kevin Garnett.

Draft Grade: C+ (Has Potential)

The Nets needed to find a good player to add to the rotation with most of their money tied up and they found a solid big man in Mason Plumlee. The problem is he probably has already reached his ceiling and will probably never be a starter, but he does provide solid depth and size.

Bobcats: The Bobcats take the risky pick again with C/PF Cody Zeller. He could be a solid double-double big man in the league or a guy who gets pushed around on defense, but provides good offense. Zeller is a talented big man who can run the floor well and use quick post moves to score when inside the paint; let’s see how he transitions. He must learn to be able to provide more defense than the occasional block and he must add bulk to go against the big men in the league.

Draft Grade: B- (Solid Draft)

The Bobcats seemed to follow their usual trend, but this pick could turn out either way. Zeller does have a nice scoring touch in the paint and the Bobcats went into the draft with a need for post scoring. However, he lacks the toughness, bulk, and defense to be an immediate starter, but the potential is there.

Bulls: The Bulls select SG Tony Snell out of New Mexico who gives them a solid 3-point threat and willing defender with the potential to be a starter if he continues to develop. He should be a solid bench contributor this year and appears to be a good fit. PF Erik Murphy out of Florida is a role player, who could find a role as a situational stretch PF (a PF who can shoot). Murphy has good shooting range, but no defense.

Draft Grade: B- (Solid Draft)

Tony Snell should find a spot at SG off the bench contributing to an already solid roster. Murphy should either find limited minutes or develop for a year behind the solid rotation of bigs, but this roster is already stacked.

Cavs: The Cavs get a tough inside/outside scorer in SF/PF Anthony Bennett who they hope can only be even more explosive playing next to PG Kyrie Irving. He has an NBA body and should be ready to go from Day 1. He must continue to work on his perimeter shooting and consistency as he transitions to the SF spot, but he should still run some PF allowing him to get physical in the post. SF Sergey Karasev is a good shooter who could space the floor off the bench, if he stays another year overseas it will only help his development. SG Carrick Felix out of Arizona State is an athletic wingman with a good drive game. He should bring great defense, but he needs to work on jumper, especially from the 3-pointer.

Draft Grade: A (Great Draft)

Bennett should contribute immediately using his size to post people in the paint, as well, as knocking down jumpers; he should be the long term SF. Karasev seems eager to join the league which was shown by his persistent on being at the draft. He should be a good shooter off the bench and continue to develop. Felix will bring defense off the bench from the wing position.

Mavs: The Mavs acquire PG Shane Larkin out of Miami via trade from the Hawks. Larkin needs to continue to add bulk, but he is a good scorer, defender and even rebounder (for his size). He needs to continue to develop his passing, but he brings leadership and energy to a team in need of someone to take over the point guard spot for the long-term.  SG Ricky Ledo out of Providence is an unknown commodity because he was academically ineligible to play in the games, but he could practice with the team. He has a great offensive game allowing him to catch and shoot or provide offense for himself using his dribbling skills to create space. He provides instant offense, but his defensive growth and transition to the league will be the key to his success.

Draft Grade: B- (Solid Draft)

Shane Larkin will take over the starting point guard job after the disaster last season as he seems to show special qualities. SG Ricky Ledo should provide offense off the bench for now and provide depth for a team in need of talent.

Nuggets: The Nuggets acquire PG/SG Erick Green out of Virginia Tech via trade after trading #27 pick Rudy Gobbert. He is a combo guard with no position, a good outside shooter (floor spacer), and he has the ability to score in the paint. Green needs to continue to work on his shot selection, defense against bigger guards, and turnover problems. PF Joffery Lauvergne out of France is a raw prospect, but a good finisher around the basket who could be a scorer potentially. He has good size, plays good defense, and has good quickness. However, Lauvergne must continue to polish his game on both ends of the floor if he hopes to eventually be a contributor in the league.

Draft Grade: C (Average Draft)

The Nuggets are a deep team with no real needs. They acquire Erick Green who is a raw combo guard prospect who can be a scorer in spurts and learn a lot behind PGs Ty Lawson and the vet Andre Miller. Joffery Lauvergne is a big man with good size and talent, however he must continue to polish his game. If he spends another year or two overseas, he should be ready to contribute and the Nuggets can afford to wait.

Pistons: The Pistons select SG Kentavious Caldwell-Pope out of Georgia. He is a good shooter who can score on and off the ball with a good 3-point stroke. Caldwell-Pope could eventually be the long term starter at shooting guard, but he must work on his defense and consistency. PF Tony Mitchell out of North Texas has great athleticism and was considered to be worthy of a 1st round selection. However, he must make the transition to the league and polish his game. Mitchell is a good rebounder, hustle player, and inside/outside scorer; he should continue to develop. PG Peyton Siva out of Louisville is another good selection coming off a good season as the leader of a college championship team. Siva is defensive stopper with good energy who should contribute as a role player off the bench for now.

Draft Grade: A- (Great Draft)

The Pistons add more young prospects to a young and growing team giving them a lot of flexibility for the future. All three prospects should find minutes off the bench and continue to grow. Caldwell-Pope is a good shooter/scorer, Tony Mitchell brings athleticism and hustle, and Peyton Siva brings defense and leadership qualities.

Warriors: The Warriors trade back into the 1st round to select PG Nemanja Nedovic with the last selection of the 1st round via the Suns. He is known as the European Derrick Rose and has great drive ability allowing him to get to the free throw line which complements the shooters on the team. He is still a raw prospect, but he should be a solid bench contributor as a combo guard when he does come from overseas.

Draft Grade: C+ (Has Potential)

Nedovic is another prospect who will spend time developing overseas, but the Warriors are not in need of another guard right now.

Rockets: The Rockets chose PG Isaiah Canaan out of Murray State. He is a scoring pg who can score in high volumes, but he needs to work on his passing with a horrible turnover rate and the increased talent he will see on a nightly basis. However, he should be a good scorer off the bench and should be able to space the floor as he continues to improve on his 3-point shot. He should show good maturity because he is coming out as a senior.

Draft Grade: C+ (Has Potential)

The Rockets add another young prospect who should be a contributor off the bench. Canaan is a good scorer who must continue to develop, but he is in a situation where he can be brought along slower. Once his defense and turnover problems decrease, he could be a special prospect or solid role player.

Clippers: The Clippers draft SG/SF Reggie Bullock. Bullock is a solid wing man who should provide a little bit of everything off the bench. He may be replacing SF Matt Barnes spot as the energy guy if he leaves via free agency. Bullock is a solid 3-point shooter and will help space the floor. He is a willing defender who is able to defend multiple spots and a good rebounder which should impress Coach Rivers. If he continues to improve, he could work his way into a starting spot.

Draft Grade: B+ (Solid Draft)

Bullock seems to fit what Coach Rivers is looking for in a player and should be able to contribute immediately. He should fill the role of a good energy guy off the bench to either help or replace SF Matt Barnes.

Lakers: Lakers select PF/C Ryan Kelly out of Duke. Kelly is a good shooter with good range to be 6’11. However, he doesn’t play good defense, he is a poor rebounder, and he is not physical. He should be able to space the floor and it helps that he played in a similar system at Duke to what Coach D’Antoni runs; he also provides depth off the bench.

Draft Grade: C (Average Draft)

Kelly has the rare ability to be a big man that spaces the floor well drawing a defender out of the paint. However, he doesn’t do much else that fits his height. Coach D’Antoni should know how to use him in his up-tempo offense which should hide Kelly’s weaknesses when he comes in off the bench.

Grizzles: The Grizzles select SG/SF Jamaal Franklin out of San Diego State. His is a player who can do it all; pass, score, shoot, rebound, and defense (steals). Franklin is a slasher who needs to work on his jumper and continue to add bulk. He will be tested against better competition in the league. SF/PF Janis Timma out of Latvia is a good inside/outside scorer with creative in-air finishes. However, he is still raw and continuing to develop thru constant professional play overseas. Timma has good size and will be staying overseas to develop his game.

Draft Grade: C+ (Has Potential)

Franklin has the ability to do a lot of good things off the bench as he gets acclimated to the speed of the game and upgrade in talent. His ability to contribute with and without the ball should make him a good addition. Timma will continue to develop overseas, but could eventually come over and play some good minutes when he decides to come over. Playing against the best competition overseas will only help him become better prepared.

Heat: The Heat acquire SF James Ennis out of Long Beach State via trade from the Hawks; a project player who may struggle with the transition to the league. Ennis has good slashing ability with a 3-pt shot, plays physical defense, and has good size for the position. He is a great athlete with good energy who may be able to contribute off the bench for the Heat sometime this season, if not next season.

Draft Grade: C (Average Draft)

James Ennis is a project player who does a lot of things well. Another wingman who plays hard on both ends of the court is exactly the type of contributor who will help the Heat continue to grow with the Big Three. How quick he makes the transition to the surrounding talent will be the key to his effectiveness.

T-Wolves: The T-Wolves acquire SF Shabazz Muhammad and PF/C Gorgui Dieng via trade with the Jazz. Muhammad was definitely a top 10 talent in this draft and will be a good fit playing with PG Ricky Rubio and the various point guards the team has to set him up for shots. Muhammad is an athletic player with good scoring through the ability to drive inside the paint, but he must work on the consistency of his shot. PF/C Gorgui Dieng is coming off a championship season with Louisville and is credited for his hard work developing on both ends of the floor. He is continuing to develop, but his defensive game and rebounding are areas where he can contribute immediately based on his high motor. If he continues to get better on offense, he could eventually be a starter in the league. PG Lorenzo Brown out of N.C. State is a NBA ready guard, but will sit behind PG Ricky Rubio of course. He is a good passer and set-up guy, but must continue to develop his defense and polishing his game.

Draft Grade: A (Great Draft)

Shabazz Muhammad will contribute immediately off the bench behind SG Kevin Martin and SF Derrick Williams, but he could eventually take over either job for the long term. He will bring toughness and athleticism to a team in need. Gorgui Dieng is a long, athletic defender with the ability to run the floor well. If he continues to develop, he could eventually be a starting center in this league. Lorenzo Brown is a solid point-guard with a good all around game which should allow him to see minutes in a crowded backcourt.

Bucks: The Bucks select SF Giannis Adetokunbo out of Greece. He is a raw prospect, but at only 18 he has a lot of upside and room to grow into something special. He has good balling handling skills and quickness as a point-forward role. Once his shooting and defense improves, he should be able to join the league as a more polished player. PG Nate Wolters out of South Dakota State is a high volume scorer with the ability to score inside and outside. Wolters also has good ball handling and athleticism. However, he will have to contribute on the defensive end and will have the tough transition of making the adjustment from a smaller school; therefore, playing with lesser talent.

Draft Grade: D (Needs Improvement)

The Bucks made the playoffs last year and to build off that they needed a solid wing man and a solid guard at either spot for the long term. They handled the needs, but neither player will really be a factor for the short term (or maybe long term) and there were still contributors on the board. SF Adetokunbo will spend the next couple season overseas and he is a raw prospect. PG Nate Wolters can eventually develop into a bench scorer behind PG Brandon Jennings, but who knows how high his potential goes.

Pelicans: The Pelicans trade PF/C Nerlens Noel and a 2014 1st rounder for PG Jrue Holiday from the 76ers. Jrue Holiday is a solid, experienced point guard who continues to get better and is coming off his best season and 1st as an All-Star. Holiday will provide solid defense, good size, and good ball control.

Draft Grade: B+ (Solid Draft)

At only 23, Holiday still has a ceiling he has not reached and will be looked upon to lead this young team. The combo of bigs PF Anthony Davis and C Nerlens Noel could have been a great duo to watch grow together, but this was a team in need of some veteran leadership. Holiday provides leadership and experience, but still has room to continue to grow at his age.

Knicks: The Knicks select SG Tim Hardaway Jr. a sharp shooting guard with the willingness to pass. He will help keep the ball moving and knock down the occasional 3-pointer now that SG J.R. Smith could be leaving. Hardaway Jr. is a willing rebounder and defender, but he could use improvement. He should be a good scorer off the bench and could eventually develop into a starter, once he is more consistent with his jump shot.

Draft Grade: B+ (Solid Draft)

Hardaway Jr. should provide the Knicks with a solid wingman who can do a little bit of everything off the bench. He provides them with another 3-point threat and a solid wingman with starter potential.

Thunder: The Thunder select C Steven Adams out of Pitt. He is a good defender with the ability to grow into a 2-way center. Adams needs to grow on all offensive moves, but should develop into the long term center because he is still young. In the 2nd round, the Thunder select SF/PF Andre Roberson out of Colorado. Although he is only 6’7, he has good wingspan, size, and defense. Roberson is a physical player with good rebounding, with great finishing/slashing skills. However, because of his height he needs to transition to SF and work on his jumper, but the transition from Colorado will be the key with the upgrade of talent in the league. SG Alex Albrines out of Spain is considered one of the best shooters in the draft. He has a good 3-point shot allowing him to spread the floor. Albrines is good in a high speed game and may develop into a solid bench scorer eventually.

Draft Grade: C+ (Has Potential)

Adams will eventually make Center Kendrick Perkins expandable as he continues to develop. He will definitely be a difference maker on the defense end, but the offensive development will be the key. SF/PF Andre Roberson is a good physical talent, who could be a difference maker, but must learn how to be a full-time SF in the league based on his size. SG Alex Albrines is a solid shooter who should be a good 3-point threat whenever he decides to come over.

Magic: The Magic take SG Victor Oladipo who should provide instant hustle and energy off the bench. Oladipo is best in the fast break transition offense and the Magic have a lot of young athletic players who should be ready to run. His defense will also be a key factor, as a lot of his steals lead to transition dunks and turnovers. As his offense grows, he should eventually replace SG Aaron Affalo in the lineup.

Draft Grade: A- (Great Draft)

The Magic take the player who most people believe has the most potential. Oladipo should provide instant energy, defense, and athleticism off the bench; however, he will be judged by how quickly he develops on the offensive end of the floor.

76ers: The Sixers select PG Michael Carter-Williams as their new point guard and the replacement for PG Jrue Holiday. Carter-Williams is a guard with great vision as a passer and the long arms to play good defense. He must continue to add bulk to his frame and work on his jump shot and consistency. PG Jrue Holiday was traded for C/PF Nerlens Noel who should give them a defensive big man for the long term who they hope can reach his full potential and become a 2-way player.

Draft Grade: A- (Great Draft)

The 76ers are in rebuilding mode and what better way to start than finding your potential starting PG and PF. Carter-Williams should start immediately after the trade of Holiday and Noel should provide solid defense once he recovers. Noel should be a good fit next to offensive Center Spencer Hawes or maybe he could be his defensive replacement.

Suns: The Suns draft C Alex Len who should develop into a solid 2-way (offensive/defensive) center, but he has a found a good situation possibly coming off the bench. He should give them a solid post presence and long term solution at center to take on the 7-footers in the West. The Suns also trade for SG/PG Archie Goodwin, a combo guard who should provide instant offense off the bench.

Draft Grade: A (Great Draft)

Alex Len gives the Suns hope for dominate paint play in the future as they continue to build. Goodwin is a solid combo guard who should bring excitement and energy off the bench. His one year of college taught him how to work hard and he should contribute immediately.

Blazers: The Blazers bring in SG/PG C.J. McCollum to provide instant offense from the bench and even run some lineups playing off PG Damian Lillard. McCollum is a high volume scoring combo guard with a willingness to play defense and a willingness to pass. However, he must make the transition from the Patriot League which will be a task; hopefully, his passing should improve with better talent around him. SG Allen Crabbe out of Cal is one of the best shooters in the draft, but he is still a raw prospect. Crabbe is an athletic prospect who must improve his toughness and defensive play if he ever expects to be more than someone who spaces the floor of the bench. C Jeff Withey out of Kansas is a solid, classic center with good size; however, he lacks the bulk and athleticism to be used as a consistent starter. He could provide solid minutes rebounding, blocking shots, and scoring in spurts to be a solid rotational big man. With four years of college under his belt, he should contribute this year.

Draft Grade: A- (Great Draft)

McCollum has the ability to contribute immediately as scorer and ditto for Crabbe. The key will be which one develops into a solid starter, but the Blazers bench was one of the worst in the league so this should be a great improvement. Center Jeff Withey brings good size, rebounding, and hustle off the bench, but has he reached his potential already?

Kings: The Kings select one of the best prospects in the draft who happens to fall in their lap, SG Ben McLemore out of Kansas. He is a talented shooter with the ability to be a factor for years to come. McLemore must continue to improve on the defensive side of the ball, as well as, shot selection and shot consistency. Eventually, he should be a star in the league. In the 2nd round, Kings select PG Ray McCallum out the University of Detroit Mercy where he decided to play for his father turning down scholarships from D-I schools. He is an unselfish pure point guard (good passing skills), but he may never be a starter in the league. McCallum runs the floor well, has good leadership, and a willing defender. He needs to add bulk, but he is a scorer who can create his own shot off dribble. He must continue to develop his range and 3-point consistency.

Draft Grade: A- (Great Draft)

The Kings select a possible future star in SG Ben McLemore he is a great shooter with the ability to score in high volumes. He must continue to develop his shot selection and consistency if he hopes to reach his potential. He does a great job coming off screens and should be immediately ready. PG Ray McCallum is the son of coach, which should show in his work ethic and leadership. He is a pure point guard who should keep the offense running consistently for the 2nd unit and keep everyone in order.

Spurs: The Spurs select SF Livio Jean-Charles who will spend time continuing to develop overseas, but he is only 19 and the Spurs type of player. He has good size already and he is a high energy player who works hard on both ends. He could eventually be a good high energy contributor off the bench, but he must continue to develop his shot. SF/PF Deshaun Thomas out of Ohio State is a good scorer inside the post and has the range to space the floor even from the three point line. However, he must continue to develop his consistency and learn to play defense. He is a project player for now, but could develop into a scorer off the bench if he continues to polish his game.

Draft Grade: C (Average Draft)

The Spurs stash another possible contributor overseas in SF Jean-Charles who is a player with great energy and hustle. SF Deshaun Thomas may develop into a tough, offensive contributor off the bench with the ability to score inside/out. However, he must continue to develop on the other end of the floor.

Raptors: No picks

Draft Grade: N/A

Jazz: After a trade with the T-Wolves, the Jazz acquire PG Trey Burke, who should be the solution to the long term point guard situation created after the trade of PG Deron Williams. Burke has the speed, motor, and explosiveness to keep Jazz fans on their feet for years to come. He must continue to work on the consistency of his jump shot, his defense, and continuing to grow as a passer. C Rudy Gobert is a raw center with good height who must continue to add bulk to his frame and become more polished on both ends. His game mostly consists of clean-up points, shot-blocking, and defense paint domination. However, he must adjust to the speed of the game here and the athletic prospects he will face in the league.  The Jazz hope that one day he can develop into a solid defensive post presence in the future. PG Raul Neto out of Brazil is a raw, combo guard prospect who attacks the basket aggressively allowing him to get to the free throw line often.

Draft Grade: B+ (Solid Draft)

The Jazz solve their long term PG problems with Trey Burke he should be a solid, energetic leader on a team in need. Gobert and Neto have a ways to go, but their development will be key, if they ever plan to play in the league.

Wizards: The Wizards come away with two players who should put them in the playoff race. SF Otto Porter is an athletic wingman with a good wingspan giving him the ability to contribute on both ends of the floor. He’s the type of player who can do it all from scoring, rebounding, and blocking shots (inside and outside). I believe he is ready for the starting lineup and he gives this team solid trio for years to come. SG/SF Glen Rice Jr. coming out of a stint in the D-League should be more than ready to contribute off the bench for a team in need of some consistent production from the wing position. He is a solid 3-point shooter like his dad and has the athleticism to drive to basket also which should help him become a good rotational player. He should continue to develop as he is young with good size.

Draft Grade: A (Great Draft)

This draft should put the Wizards in great position to make a playoff run health pending; mainly PG John Wall. Porter should be ready to take over the SF job and Glen Rice will provide solid scoring off the bench from the wing position.

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