Chris Davis: Why is he the AL MVP?

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July 21, 2013 by Ell and Mike Sports

Chris Davis: Why is he the MVP?

Davis intro

This year we are truly in awe of what Chris “Crush” Davis is doing. However, in all honesty at the end of last year we saw him coming into his own. In 2012, Davis hit .270 (batting average) and 33 HRs (homeruns) despite still dealing with a strikeout issue some last year. Davis was beginning to come out of his old mechanics which is usually a problem for most power hitters. This is a credit to not only Davis, but Buck Showalter and the Orioles coaching staff as well. You could clearly see that with his power, he could potentially be the start the O’s have been looking for the past decade.

davis #2

This season Davis is on pace to break what many believe still is the HR record at 61; depending on your belief of the importance of steroids in baseball. Davis is on pace to hit 62 giving him what of the best season since those of the steroid era. Do I believe he will break it? No, but even if he doesn’t he will still have a great season with at least 40 homers and over 100 RBIs (runs batted in). The greatest feat about Davis’ season is he is hitting the ball to all fields. He has 11 opposite field homers, so defenses can’t put a shift on him because he will and can hit it the other way. This is the sign of great hitter who really knows the game and works hard at his craft to keep pitchers on their toes. Davis is only 27 years old and his prime is just beginning; which means this could be the start of many MVP caliber seasons to come.

davis #3

Many of you probably saw my headline and said what about Miguel Cabrera. Yes, Miguel Cabrera is one of the best hitters in baseball, but I believe that Davis brings more to the defensive side of the ball. Currently, if you asked me who would I rather face I would say neither so it is a draw offensively, but Davis is a better defender. If we want to decide based on team record, the Orioles have a better record than the Detroit Tigers with each player being their team’s star player. Also, Davis has more pressure to produce than Cabrera based on the surrounding talent. With hitters such as Prince Fielder and Torrie Hunter, Cabrera has a lot of protection in his lineup that forces you to pitch to him; basically pick your poison. While the Orioles have a lot of young talent, their hitters aren’t as accomplished as the guys in the Tigers lineup which makes pitching away from Davis a strong possibility for pitchers after the All-Star break. Last year, the Orioles had their first postseason in over a decade and could they be chanting MVP at the end of the season, I think so. Roger Maris, watch out Crush Davis is coming for your record.

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