Top 15 NBA Prospects / Top 10 NBA Mock Draft

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June 21, 2013 by Ell and Mike Sports

ben-first-pickTOP 15 NBA PROSPECTS

1 SG Ben McLemore – Shooting Guard out of Kansas, the best pure shooter in the draft. Has hot and cold streaks, but he has the potential to be one of the great 3-point shooters in the league. He must continue to work at his consistency, his drive game, and his defensive game. His potential is extremely high.
Player Comparison: SG Ray Allen

2 C Nerlens Noel – The best big man in the draft, out of Kentucky. He is a game changing defensive player with limited offensive skills. He can dominate a game with his blocking and rebounding, but must continue to add bulk to his frame. If he continues, to develop his offensive post game he could be a high motor unstoppable force on both ends. He could play PF or C based on his bulk and good footwork.
Player Comparison: PF/C Marcus Camby (but younger) / PF Kevin Garnett (potentially)

3 SF Otto Porter – A tall athletic wing man who is a SF/PF combo player with good shooting and rebounding skills. He was an absolute star at Georgetown, but he must continue to add bulk to his frame and work on his defense. He has the offensive skills, athleticism, and motor to contribute immediately; his potential is very high.
Player Comparison: SF Paul George/ SF Kevin Durant (potentially)

4 PF/SF Anthony Bennett – An athletic SF/PF combo player with good offensive skills and toughness. He has the height of a SF, but the bulk of a PF; he is probably best at PF using his range and ball handling skills to lure defenders out the paint. Bennett has good inside-outside scoring moves, but has better low post moves using his strength and toughness. He must continue to develop on defense and work towards becoming a complete PF, while using his shooting range as an advantage. If he wants to be a complete SF, he must slim down and work on his defensive rotations and footwork.
Player Comparison: PF Paul Milsap

5 SG Victor Oladipo – A high energy shooting guard out of Indiana, Oladipo has the ability to change games in the fast break/transition offense game with good cuts and drives to the basket. He will also be able to deliver consistently on the defense end. He must continue to work on his jump shot because the paint will be full of big men ready for the challenge. The more his offensive game evolves, the bigger his potential grows. He is best for an up-tempo offense.
Player Comparison: SG Iman Shumpert / SF Michael Kidd-Gilchrist

6 PG Trey Burke – The best point guard in the draft out of Michigan, Trey Burke is an explosive player with great scoring ability, especially driving through the paint. He must continue to work on his passing, but his growth has been consistent in that department so he should be good to go. He is best for an up-tempo offense.
Player Comparison: PG Jeff Teague / PG Mike Conley

7 SF/SG Shabazz Muhammad – A solid wing with a great drive game out of UCLA. He seemed like a man amongst boys in the college game at times (maybe he was?), he needs to work on his consistency and especially his jump shot. Concerns over the truth of his real age may cause him to drop in this draft, but he is a good overall talent with the body to play in the league. He will fit in nicely as some team’s SF and could possibly play some SG if he develops his shot and defensive game.
Player Comparison: SF Harrison Barnes

8 C Alex Len – A classic center with great size out of Maryland. He is a good two-way center (offensive and defensive) and he has the ability to dominate games. He is more offensive minded than defensive, but he has good athleticism and the talent it takes to be a dominant big man in the league. Len needs to add bulk to his frame to deal with the long season and work on hitting free throws. As long as, he continues to develop on both ends he will be a star.
Player Comparison: C Chris Kaman / C Andrew Bynum (potentially)

9 C Cody Zeller – A center out of Indiana with good size and offensive ability. Zeller is a classic center with good rebounding and low post moves, however his defense is shaky despite a good block here and there. Zeller is the type of player who doesn’t mind setting screens and doing the dirty work. He shows good explosiveness on the offensive end and can be a game changer, however he must continue to add bulk if he expects to play his physical way all season long.
Player Comparison: C Chris Kaman/ PF/C David Lee (potentially)

10 PG Michael Carter-Williams – A tall, point guard with great court vision to dish the assist out of Syracuse. Carter-Williams should be a plug and play point guard with his unselfishness and great driving ability. He may struggle on the defensive end with speedy guards, but he has the long arms and wing spans to disrupt small point guards. He must continue to work on his 3pt shot and may want to add bulk to his frame, if forced to play some SG.
Player Comparison: PG Shaun Livingston (before the injury) / PG Rajon Rondo (potentially)

11 SG/PG CJ McCollum – A combo guard with good scoring ability out of Lehigh. McCollum could provide instant offense off the bench in a PG/SG Lou Williams type of role, but with more passing. He is also a good rebounder with the ability to take over games despite his size. If he wants to be a starting SG in this league, he must continue to work on his defense and add bulk to handle bigger defenders in the paint.

12 SG Kentavious Caldwell-Pope – An athletic offensive shooter out of Georgia. He has the ability to score the ball when playing off the ball and creating his own shot. However, he is still raw and must continue to work on his shot selection. He also needs work on the defensive game and being more physical. Adding bulk to his frame could help in that department also.

13 PF/C Mason Plumlee – An athletic power forward with good offensive skills and a high motor out of Duke. Plumlee has the ability to catch the ball in the post and score; a skill easier said than done. However, he must continue to work on his defensive game if he wants to be a starter and gain the bulk to post up the bigger defenders that await him.

14 PF/C Kelly Olynyk – A center with good size, offensive game, and a high motor out of Gonzaga. Olynyk has the ability to score and the range to match it. He must continue to add bulk and work on his defense if he ever wants to start. He has the physical tools to contribute now, but must continue to get grow and work on his footwork.

15 C Steven Adams – A center with great size, rebounding, and defense out of Pitt. Adams has shown ability on the offensive end lately and could develop into a good two-way center, but he is still raw. It will take him time to develop into a complete player, but a player with his size, potential, and talent is hard to let pass by.



1. Cavs PF/C Nerlens Noel – Cavs will take the best big man in the draft, because there is no SF worth the #1 overall pick. Noel is the perfect replacement for the post Varejeo era at Center. He also has more talent and potential than C Tyler Zeller. They already have the size to allow Noel to fully heal and be the defensive star he can be for the long term. He will be a game changer on the defensive end and help the Cavs continue their growth as they continue the trend of building through the draft.

2. Magic SG Ben McLemore – The Magic have gained a lot of good prospects via trade and the draft, but they could still use long term upgrades at the guard spots. There is no PG worth the #2 spot, but the Magic are still in need of offensive firepower and 3-point shooting to replace SG J.J. Reddick, so this makes Ben McLemore the no-brainer pick. He will bring instant offense off the bench and eventually push SG Aaron Affalo for the starting job as he continues to grow. He has the potential to be a star in the league on the offensive end. In this case, competition is good.

3. Wizards SF Otto Porter – The Wizards have the ability to take the best player on the board, but with the need for a long term SF, they can’t resist the potential of Otto Porter from nearby Georgetown. This selection should make either wingman Martell Webster or Trevor Ariza (more likely Ariza) expendable. Porter could give the Wizards a solid lineup with Wall, Beal, Nene, and Okafor in place giving them playoff hopes; as long as, PG Wall is playing. He will bring instant offense and can grow with PG John Wall and SG Bradley Beal.

4. Bobcats PF Anthony Bennett – The Bobcats should notice that the selection of PF Biyombo and the trade for PF Tyrus Thomas hasn’t gotten the team anywhere. They will like the offensive game and toughness of the undersized Bennett who could come in and contribute immediately. This is a move that should give PG Kemba Walker a person to feed inside other than C B.J. Mullens trying to carry the load of inside scoring. Bennett’s range could also space the floor more for a team in need of offense.

5. Suns C Alex Len – The Suns are in need of a long term center, as shown by the signing of C Jermaine O’ Neal last season. Len gives the Suns a classic center to eventually replace Gortat and hold down the paint for years to come. They could also run lineups with the two together to hold down the paint as PF Scola is more offensive and undersized compared to Gortat and Len. Len will contribute on both ends of the floor and will give PG’s Goran Dragic and Kendall Marshall a target to feed in the paint.

6. Pelicans SG Victor Oladipo – The Pelicans don’t have any real needs besides an upgrade over SF Aminu or insurance for the oft injured SG Eric Gordon. I think Oladipo will give the pelicans another unselfish player willing to go flying through the paint and bring a spark of high energy with his high motor. If he develops faster than they think, they could finally grant Gordon his wish for a trade. Oladipo will also be able to contribute on the defensive end and would complement Gordon’s outside shooting well. This seems like an athletic team ready to run.

7. Kings PG Trey Burke – The Kings moves last season show that they are not sold on PG Isaiah Thomas as the long term starter and the best PG in the draft just so happens to fall in their lap. Burke has the athleticism to run with SG Tyreke Evans and C Demarcus Cousins. His court vision should open up opportunities for both stars, as well as, draw an interest from a fan base in need of excitement. His scoring ability, motor, and leadership should get this team going back in the right direction, but they will still need more pieces. Look for Burke, to take over the PG job for the long term.

8. Pistons SG/SF Shabazz Muhammad – The Pistons have gotten younger over the years and seem to finally have a solid starting lineup. However, the need for an upgrade over SF/PF Kyle Singler does stand out. Luckily one of the best players in the draft, as well as a solid SF, in Shabazz Muhammad will be available. With Coach Mo Cheeks in place as veteran leadership, there should be no concern over picking Muhammad. He will bring great slashing ability and toughness to the lineup which includes outside shooting from the guards and great interior play from the big men; Muhammad’s slashing ability would be key generating fouls and hard interior baskets. However, he must continue to work on his jumper, especially from the 3-pt line.

9. T-Wolves PG Michael Carter-Williams – No, the T-Wolves are not replacing Ricky Rubio, but this team is in need of an upgrade at the SG position. The T-Wolves have been using combo guards and point guards Brandon Roy, Luke Ridnour, and Alexy Shved as the partner to Ricky Rubio, so why stop the trend? Carter-Williams is tall and long enough to fill in at the SG spot and has great court vision to also feed PF Kevin Love and C Pekovic; as well as, setup Rubio with scoring opportunities. Carter-Williams would be able to handle the same role that was in place for Brandon Roy and his driving ability will also help keep Rubio from driving as much which decreases his chance of injuries. This is a team in need of a player who will contribute right away and Carter-Williams brings that to the table for a team who wants to win now.

10. Blazers C Cody Zeller – Despite the addition of C Meyers Leonard last draft, the Blazers still have big men issues and that problem could grow if they happen to lose C J.J. Hickson who filled in well at the position having a career year. Zeller has great size for the position and a nice inside scoring touch that could complement PF Lamarcus Aldridge. Zeller is also a good rebounder and would block a few shots for the Blazers, but his defense does need work. When teams double Aldridge, unlike Leonard, Zeller would be able to catch and score and also give PG Damian Lillard another option to feed in the paint. Considered one of the best big men in this draft, he could be a steal at #10.

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